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Equal Rights for All - Essay Example

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The topic of the week of November 25 was probably the best I could perceive in my opinion in terms of its impact on the American society and culture. It narrated the Equal Rights Amendments made in the US constitution in favor of women. According to the amendment, males and females have equal constitutions rights. …
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Equal Rights for All
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Extract of sample "Equal Rights for All"

Download file to see previous pages They have equal political rights and they can cast their votes with complete authority. Although the ERA promised so much for the equal rights for women but it wasn’t implemented because only 35 states approved it and approval of minimum 38 states is required to pass the amendment in the constitution.
The ideas of John Stuart Mill’s article have been discussed in the lecture stating that the biggest hindrance in the betterment of the society is not allowing the rights to the women. He is a strong advocate of equal rights for women in every sector of life. Social relations between men and women should not be dominated by any sex. His beliefs and motives have a great political and social impact. As the time is moving ahead, the role of women is becoming quite vital in the society. He strongly condemns shifting of power on either side. He is quite stern against the rights given to one sex only; while the other being deprived of even basic facilities of life (Mill).
In his article, John Stuart Mill presents some harsh facts that pose hindrance to implementation of the ERA in the US society. Most of the people are not in favor of giving equal rights to both sexes. They consider that the men are superior creatures and they should be given priority over women. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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