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The writer "Socrates And Democratic Society" of this paper aims to briefly analyze the Socrates' statements from book VIII related to the democracy. Thus, the writer discusses the topic, with further describing contemporary situation with democratical society…
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Socrates And Democratic Society
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 In book VIII, Socrates has a negative view of the democracy. He describes that democracy comes into being after the poor have conquered their opponents. He further states that magistrates are commonly elected the lot in a democratic form of government. Socrates states that in a democratic government, people are not free and that the freedom brought by democracy makes a man do what he likes and can order for himself his life as he pleases (The Republic). He also states that democracy has a forgiving spirit and shows disregard of all the fine principles laid down at the foundation of the city. He describes a democratic government as one with a variety of disorders and dispensing equality to equals and unequal’s alike (The Republic).
I think Socrates negative view of democracy is wrong.
In a democracy, the government is by the people and the supreme power is with the people who elect the leadership under a free electoral system. In a democratic society, the government and the leaders are accountable to the people for their actions thereby ensuring competitiveness and development. The constitution that governs a democracy ensures equality for all and no single individual can do what he pleases but follow the law. The magistrates follow the Constitution in the ruling of judgments, therefore, ensuring justice. The rights of minorities are protected in a democratic society through legislation.
In a different system, such as oligarchy, dictators oppress the minority preventing equal rights for all citizens, the poor get poorer, and the rich get richer because the minorities lack legislative representation present in a democratic society(The Republic).
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The Republic. 8th ed. Print. Read More
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