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In the essay “Winston Churchill” the author focuses on a British politician, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during 1940 and 1945 and for another four years from 1951 till 1955. Winston Churchill supported the British Empire strongly and was one of the most well-known wartime leaders…
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Winston Churchill
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Churchill still wanted more civilians to be killed, and so he prepared thousands of anthrax bombs to be thrown on German cities in 1945 to kill as many Germans as was possible. The 1942 tests of anthrax on Gruinard Island shocked scientists. They realized that a mass detonation of anthrax over Germany would make the land completely unsuitable for human habitation. Consequently, Churchill changed his plan and decided using poison gas instead. Also, American generals in the field disregarded Roosevelt’s orders to slow down (and leave Germany to the Soviet Union), which made it difficult to use anthrax bombs (Milton, 2013).
Churchill was an inspiration and had the ability to channel his determination to the British and strengthen their resolve through encouragement and praise. Churchill inspired not only British leaders but British citizens as well. Churchill’s passion also produced innovation. He brought about the invention of the first tanks. To break down the fastening of the “no-man land” of World War I, Churchill proposed that a massive tractor with resilient treads be constructed from which men could fire machine guns and throw grenades from the rear of an armor plating.
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Winston Churchill Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 324 Words - 30.
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