Iron Curtain, Marshall Plan and Berlin - Essay Example

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There were a series of events post world war that had a huge impact on the world, amongst them the most famous ones include the US reconstruction…
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Iron Curtain, Marshall Plan and Berlin
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Second World War ended with lives of people changing all over the word, whether it was economically, politically or even socially. There were a series of events post world war that had a huge impact on the world, amongst them the most famous ones include the US reconstruction plan which was based on the economic aid which was provided for Europe reconstruction. It was known as Marshall Plan or European Recovery Program. Another important event was the Iron Curtain which was established by Winston Churchill and was basically a think ideological, political and military barrier to communication; it was established between the democratic countries like Western Europe and communist countries like Soviet Union. There was also an agreement signed for free access to Berlin (Berlin 1948-1949).
Winston Churchill delivered his Iron Curtain speech which gave birth to cold war. The Iron Curtain speech was about the victory of America and the power they hold; he wanted peace and co operation with the United Nations. He wanted to establish a good relationship between Americans and Britain by calling them English speaking cousins. There will be a mutual security agreement and they will work together for establishing peace (Iron Curtain 1945-1947). He was in favor of America and totally against Russia which was a very strong starting point of the cold war which lasted for years. He threatened that the Western and Eastern Europe will get separated and this was the Iron Curtain which will be established. He wanted a defense pact and wanted to establish a proper military setup along with creating moral unity. Western foreign policies setup along with a vivid picture of cold war being established are few highlighting points of the Iron Curtain speech.
Another important point was the Marshall plan or more popularly known as the European recovery plan. Marshall was not happy with the pace of the recovery of Europe post world war. He introduced programs for development of America and Western Europe. The basic requirement was here to build a better economic plan rather than fighting a battle against Russia. There was a chaos in Europe and the requirement was to eliminate causes of starvation, poverty and anxiety rather than fighting a war against Russia. The plan was directed to improve the economy. Some saw this recovery plan as an attempt to divide Europe and the main cause of the cold war however the Marshall plan was an extended version of the Iron Curtain whose major concern was to establish Europe after world war. Marshall Plan was an attempt to recover the German industry under the control of American financiers (Marshall Plan 1947-1952).
Another important factor was the Berlin act when American planes went to Berlin along with various treaties being signed for supporting each other. Also establishment of aid in case of attack. The Berlin blockade was one of the major cold war crises. During world War many areas of Berlin were blocked and the food supply along with the fuel supply came in control of the Russians who were actually taking care of all this. All these incidents hold great importance and they lead to cold war (Cold war Churchill 2012)
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