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History of the Cold War - Research Paper Example

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The Cold War The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was founded in the year of 1922 after the Bolshevik Revolution. The USSR had a great impact on the political affairs of the world ever since but could not maintain this impact after its downfall. The Soviet Union underwent a rapid collapse in the late twentieth century which was inevitable due to the policies and conditions that Russia was undergoing in these times…
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History of the Cold War
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"History of the Cold War"

Download file to see previous pages The Soviet power was never able to expand much under the influence of the U.S agenda. It was under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev that Russia began to undergo a political change which could not be handled and thus led to a political turmoil. The United States itself did not play a direct role in the collapse of Soviet Union but it did play an indirect role in the collapse. This essay would further analyze different events which led to the occurrence of cold war (Leffle & Westad, 2010). After the World War II it was seen that the United States and Russia underwent a competition in the field of economics, race and politics to gain superiority in the world. The Cold War for Soviet Union was to take control of the communist nations under their policy whereas the United States had the aim of removal of communism from the world. The relationship of the Soviet Union and America was never to the par as the communist nation was an ally of the Germans before it attacked them. Communism was prevalent in the Soviet Union since its birth under the leadership of Lenin. This was followed by the rule of Joseph Stalin who further enforced communism over the states that fell under the jurisdiction of the Union. It was then that anti communist policies started to escalate in the United States creating hate amongst the masses. Yalta Conference which took place in February 1945 was start of rough relations between the two superpowers of the world. The American President at that time was Truman who was strictly against the communists and this led to the worsening of bilateral relations between the two countries. The invention of atom bomb and the use of it in the World War II created fears for the Russian government which further led to the Cold War (Painter 2002). After the victory in World War II events followed which led to the Cold War among the superpowers. The Iron Curtain Speech was delivered by Winston Churchill on March 5 1946. He urged the United States for a coalition against the union because of their policies against the democracy of the world. He stated that “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an iron curtain has descended across the Continent. Behind that line lie all the capitals of the States.... and all are subject in form or another, not only to Soviet influence, but to a very high and increasing measure of control from Moscow” (4 Gottfried). In 1946 it was found that Soviet spies were in America looking for information regarding the atomic bomb. Moreover an agreement was violated by the Soviet Union when they did not withdraw their troops from Iran because of its resources of oil. Instead a region of Iran was annexed by the Soviet Union which later came to be known as the Soviet Socialist Republic of Azerbaijan (Leffle & Westad, 2010). In the latter part of the 1950s it was seen that the Russian President got even more furious at the actions of the United States. After the World War II it was seen that several of the nations faced the problem of famine. It was here that the United States launched a plan known as the Marshall Plan to provide the famine struck places with food and other supplies. The foreign ministry of the Soviet Union replied to the Marshall plan in a negative manner stating it as an act sought to infiltrate the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cold War
Even though the Second World War ended in 1945, another undeclared cold war started immediately between America and Soviet Union for capturing supremacy in global political and economical matters. The different political ideologies prevailed in these superpowers (America is under democratic administration whereas Soviet Union was under communist administration) strengthened the cold war immensely.
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The American history ( 1900 ) The Cold War
The Cold War is a conflict between The United States and the communist countries led by the Soviet Unions. It was a cold war because they fought thru propaganda, economic war, diplomatic haggling, and occasional military clashes. It was called a cold war because neither the United States nor the Soviet Union wanted to fight openly because they are afraid of each other’s power.
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Cold War History Essay
However, the most worrying issue was that of the nuclear weapons available to both countries which if used would have caused equal destruction to both countries. After the World War II it was seen that the United States and Russia underwent a competition in the field of economics, race and politics to gain superiority in the world.
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Cold War - Arms Race Between US and USSR Which Lead to the Fall of USSR
This cold war was mainly started after the success of the alliance that was formed against Nazi Germany. This competition supremacy on nuclear warfare attracted other countries that also started making nuclear war due to the tension that existed in the world.
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Cold war
Essentially, the notion of the cold war is enigmatic since the major counties in the center of it never actually took up arms against each other in “hot wars”. American and The USSR were embroiled in an ideological contention; American was democratic and capitalistic, whereas Russia was a communist country, this meant that it was led by a single dictator who exercised control all the economic aspects therein.
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History- 1)When and how did the cold war finally end and what were some of the global repercussions of it. 2) Based on novel Son of the Revolution-site examples from the book-Assess the pos and neg implications of using Son of the Revolution
At the same time, in the USA the Presidency of Ronald Reagan (1981-1989) was marked by more aggressive position towards the USSR, partially caused by the awareness of the Soviet vulnerability and the
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Awindow into the termoil of the sixties
Although the Cold War was accompanied by little armed combat, threats from Cuban missiles and the rush to arms, especially nuclear, was cause for real alarm. McCarthyism - which sought to exterminate any traces of
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The Cold War was inevitable
Revisionists blame President Truman for setting the stage for the Cold War with the bombarding of Hiroshima in August 1945 and his grip of "nuclear
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Nuclear arms race during the Cold War
The intensive ideological differences between the United States and the USSR were problematic. In the year, 1945, the first atomic bomb was created in the United States. The objective of creating this weapon of mass
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The end of the Cold War resulted in the world structure to shift from multipolar and bipolar to unipolar which also caused in statbilities in Third World Nations through withdrawal and disengagement of superpowers, ethnic issues and
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