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Arizona Statehood and Constitution - Essay Example

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There were however previous remarkable events that led to achievement of its statehood which cannot go unspoken. During the pre-territorial period, there was evidence…
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Arizona Statehood and Constitution
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Extract of sample "Arizona Statehood and Constitution"

Arizona hood Inserts His/her Inserts Grade Inserts Arizona began its journey to hood after the Mexican war ended which was fought between the years1846-1848. There were however previous remarkable events that led to achievement of its statehood which cannot go unspoken. During the pre-territorial period, there was evidence of people existing in Arizona before the arrival of the Europeans though little is known about these early times because it was not written. Earlier settlers lived in nomadic groups but later agriculture got more cultural which led to the people settling permanently. It is assumed that the first inhabitants came from Asia.
According to Lockwood (2008), the first country that had dominance over Arizona was Spain in the 1500’s. In this period, it established a colony on the ruins of Aztec empire which was named New Spain. In the year 1539, father Marcos de Niza explored Arizona, claiming it for Spain. In the year 1752, Spanish made its first settlement in Tubac after facing a lot of revolts from Papango and Pima tribes. The future colonization of Arizona was anticipated to come from the south making it to part of Mexico.
In the year 1756-1763, there was French and Indian war which lasted for seven years due to land disputes was won by Britain. The Spanish gave up west and east Florida to the English for it to get Cuba in return. In the year 1776, a Spanish fort was built at Tucson. United States declared independence in the same year while French declared war against Britain in the year 1778 and made alliance with American revolutionary forces.
The year 1783 saw the signing of the treaty of Paris by the Great Britain and the United states. In the year 1812, there was a war between Great Britain and America which ended in stalemate but gave America its independence. In the year 1821 Mexico gained military control of Arizona. The Mexican war was won by the United States in the year 1848 and got gain of all Arizona and north of the Gila River by a treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. In the year 1853, the United States purchased the rest of Arizona through the Gadsden Purchase to gain its full control.
Copper was discovered in Arizona in the year 1854. The year 1861-1865 saw the emergence of the American Civil War. John Brown invaded Hepers ferry in the year 1859 which brought in motion series of events that led to the outbreak of the civil war. Abraham Lincoln was then elected president and the south succeeded in the year 1861. In the year 1862, the Apaches attacked soldiers at the pass of Apache which began a ten year war with the settlers.
The year 1865 saw the surrender of Robert E. Lee which led to the end of confederacy. On 6th of the same year there was the thirteenth amendment to the US which was ratified hence leading to the abolition of slavery. On 4th September 1886, Geronimo the Apache chief surrendered. The year 1898-1901 saw the emergence of the Spanish American war. In the year 1912, Arizona marked statehood.
Lockwood, F. C. (2008). Pioneer days in Arizona, from the Spanish occupation to statehood. New York: Macmillan publishers Read More
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