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One of the significant factors is that the region was endowed with rivers. The rivers made it possible to harbor ships and boats (Tennessee 381. Hence, it was possible to carry out trade activities…
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Early Development and Statehood
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Early Development and hood Various factors made it favorable for English settlement in the Tennessee region. One of the significant factors is that the region was endowed with rivers. The rivers made it possible to harbor ships and boats (Tennessee 381. Hence, it was possible to carry out trade activities due to well-developed transport system. Secondly, the region was endowed with good climate. As a result, it was possible for the European to establish plantation in the area for production of crops such as cotton and tobacco (Bogan 1). Additionally, the well-developed transport routes made it possible to transport slaves from other areas of the world to work in plantations and hence more profitable to farm in the region. The region was also had resources such as fur that were good for trade (Tennessee 359).
The political development in Tennessee offered a clear reflection of the experience of political development in the thirteen British colonies. The region was characterized by political upheavals and separations calls. As a result, there was no common political voice of the inhabitants. Moreover, the government of the day was also in disarray and sometimes offered support to some of the colonial masters. As a result, the region was divided based on semi-autonomous government common among thirteen British colonies (Tennessee 360-366).
Various conditions in Tennessee prompted its application for statehood in 1795-1796. One of such conditions was the Tennesseans inability to gain political voice in the region (366). As a result, they felt that there would be increased political participation by gaining of statehood. The inhabitants also lacked the kind of protection that was evident from organized form of government. The protection was also once Northern Carolina disowned the six settlements making them vulnerable (Tennessee 366). Moreover, the government under the Article of Confederation was also perceived as weak and hence unable to guarantee security and well-being of the people. The inhabitants also had an established form of self-government and felt that they could now be able to take political matters in their hands. Moreover, there was decreased frontier warfare. The decreased rivalry made it possible for a leader to translate the region into a new state that had structured regime and constitution (Tennessee 368). The factors made it possible for the application of admission by the congress.
In conclusion, it is clear that Tennessee went through a rigorous process before admission into statehood. The process was characterized by rivalry and disagreement that eventually culminated into peace that made it possible for ratification.
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Early Development and Statehood Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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