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This war was between Russia and the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. What caused the conflict to occur is yet to be authenticated. However, there are those that believe the conflict is historical. Some…
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Download file to see previous pages At this time, 86 of 88 Russian Federal subjects committed to 1992 Federation Treaty (Turkish Weekly 1). This separated the power of the local and federal government. However, Tatarstan and Chechnya were not part of this agreement. Later, Tatarstan bowed to the agreement leaving Chechnya alone. This was followed by declaration of full independence form Moscow in 1993 by the Chechnya (Turkish Weekly 1). This resulted into a conflict, and Russia invaded Grozny that was Chechen capital. There were many civilian causalities including over 5000 children. On 11 December 1994, Russian forces from the ground towards Grozny launched an offensive. This happened with some discontent form the Russian military and government. The main cause of the war prior to the 2009 North Caucasus Insurgency was more of a secessionist conflict rather than ethno-nationalist, religious one (Turkish Weekly 1). In fact, Islam was a part of the Chechen identity.
The first party is the Chechens. They have remained opposed to Russian authority since the late 18th century. This happened as Russia expanded to areas already under Turkish or Persian authority. The other party is Russia and more specifically Russian military. This has led to conflict due to political decisions and stand by the leadership in authority.
Three issues relate to Chechen. They are statehood, international involvement, and equal rights. On the other hand are the Russian issues. They include renunciation of the demand for a separate state, the Chechen disarmament, and the ceasefire. The other issue at hand is the natural resources in Chechnya, and the religious tensions especially between largely secular or Christian Russians and Muslim Chechens.
The rebel leaders are sometimes successful in pushing the Russian armed forces out of their vicinity. This was evident as from 1996 to 1997. The Russian army counters this especially after the rebels cross into other regions of Russia, as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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