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There exists a relationship between the ideas in Obama's State of the Union Address 2013 and his Speech in Cairo with the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). These relationships are highlighted in the examples cited below…
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Liberalism showed in Obamas speech in Cairo
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Liberalism Question There exists a relationship between the ideas in Obamas of the Union Address 2013 and his Speech in Cairo with the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). These relationships are highlighted in the examples cited below.
In his speech, Obama asserted that Islam fosters peace and dignity among followers. Islam has over the years demonstrated through words and deeds the possibility for religious tolerance and racial equality. Muslims have been elected to congress in America. In addition, America provides for all including 7 million Muslim Americans who enjoy incomes and educational achievements higher than the American average (Obama Speech at Cairo 8). America grants freedom to practice one’s religion to all its citizens as illustrated by 1200 mosques in the US. It has fought for the rights of women to wear the Hijab and punishes those who object to it. America shares common aspirations with all Muslims to live in peace and security. America advocates for the right to acquire an education and work with dignity, to live in loving families, communities and worship God. These initiatives are consistent with the two declarations (UDHR 7; CRC 4).
The US government is dedicating $1.5 billion annually for 5 years in partnership with Pakistan to build schools and hospitals, roads and businesses to help settle the displaced. It is also investing $2.8 billion to help Afghans reconstruct their economy and provide services to the people. America recognizes the sovereignty of Iraq and to this end it has ordered the removal of troops from Iraq and recognizes their democratically elected government. America will defend itself; respect the sovereignty of nations and the rule of law. All this will be achieved in partnership with Muslim communities. America respects peacefully elected governments such governments must retain power through consent and not coercion. Respect rights of minorities and demonstrate tolerance and compromise (Obama Speech at Cairo 8).
Equality in accessing education for women and is associated with prosperity. Both men and women must be allowed to achieve their full potential. The US partners with Muslim countries to support literacy for girls and help women pursue employment through micro-financing, expanding exchange programs, increase scholarships and encouraging Americans to study in Muslim communities. The US government Promises Muslim students internships in America, plans to invest in online learning for teachers and children, and will create online networks so that the youth can interact (Obama Speech at Cairo 8).
In line with CRC, and for the sake of future generations, the US government seeks to combat climate change. To this end, the president plans to reduce pollution, educate communities on the implications of climate change and speed up the transition to more sustainable sources of energy. For instance, wind energy added over 40% of all new power capacity in 2012. The government is committed to cutting red tape and speeding up new oil and gas permits. In addition, it is working in cohort with Congress to encourage research and technology towards cleaner natural gas (State of the Union Address 3).
The government proposes a program that will make high-quality pre-school available to every child in America (CRC 8). Educational empowerment is associated with reduced teen pregnancy and reduced violent crimes. The government plans to develop partnerships with colleges and employers to create classes that equip students with skills relevant in today’s marketplace. Further, the government is offering tax credits, grants and better loans to make college more affordable for students. With the support of Congress, the government plans to revise the Higher Education Act to consider affordability and value in determining the colleges that get certain types of federal aid. All these initiatives are consistent with both the UDHR and the CRC (State of the Union Address 3).
In line with UDHR, the American government encourages free enterprise, rewards for individual effort and opens doors for every child. The healthcare reforms of reducing taxpayer subsidies for prescription drugs and taxing the more wealthy seniors are meant to guarantee everyone a secure retirement. This will also guarantee a secure retirement for future generations. The tax reforms proposing taxing the wealthiest 1% of the population will encourage job creation and help bring down the budget deficit. The government aims to introduce tax reforms that encourage manufacturers to locate their manufacturing plants in America (State of the Union Address 3).
To ensure access to housing, there is a bill in congress that will give every home owner in America the opportunity to save $3000 a year through refinancing at today’s rates. To improve infrastructure, and, therefore, provide meaningful source of employment, the government proposed a Fix-It-First program that will see urgent infrastructure repairs commissioned. In addition, it is proposing a partnership to rebuild America that attracts private capital to upgrade infrastructure including modern schools. To eradicate global poverty, the government will join hands with its allies in connecting more nations to the global economy. It will also give the young bright minds new opportunities to serve and help communities to feed, power, and educate themselves (State of the Union Address 3).
Question 2
As the leader of a nation, I would sign both the UDHR and the CRC. This is because both help promote human dignity and provide a framework for enforcing universal human rights beyond national boundaries (UDHR 12; CRC 5). In addition, the principles articulated in these declarations are enshrined in democratic institutions of most countries and the constitution protects such rights. It is evident that a functional democracy accommodates diversity and is the best bet against concentration of power in the hands of a few individuals. The declarations advocate for a diverse range of rights which can only be achieved under a democratic system. As a believer in democracy, I would endorse these declarations as a benchmark against which the participation of the people in the democratic process is evaluated.
The declarations are consistent with national economic strategies and policies of most nations and, therefore, serve as guidelines when designing policies. For example, the declarations insist on accommodating the rights of the minority, and this is important when designing economic policy. The declarations advocate the right of individuals to develop to their full potential, and this is not only beneficial to the individual, but is also critical to the economic development of a nation.

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