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At least most of us, if not all, have in one stage or the other been in a classroom being lectured or tutored. Our experiences have been varied thanks to the different personalities of individuals who served as our teachers. …
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Why I Want to Teach
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Download file to see previous pages The eventualities of the experiences have made some of us to either abhor or cherish the learning part of our lives. Regardless of the experience one may have had, this piece of writing is a speech outlining the reasons why I want to be a teacher. "Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty." Albert Einstein My choice to settle on teaching as a profession was not a matter of spontaneous decision. Instead, it was a factor of a couple of years of reflection regarding the career I would like to pursue in life. I have settled on a career in education because I firmly believe that it stands out as one of the integral duties carried out in our society. I am convicted that teachers, both as an individual and collectively, have the ability to transform the world and shape it to the desirable destiny. In this profession of teaching, I remain hopeful that I will not only find an occupation and a source of living, but also I will derive personal fulfillment and rejuvenation from it. I want to be part and parcel of the great pool of resourceful teachers who will one day be counted as those adhered to the true calling of teaching profession. In the words of Albert Einstein, I desire to teach such that what I offer to the students is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty. ...
Furthermore, these teachers had a great mastery of communication skills and were well versed with the subject matter content. This is the exact type of teachers I desire to emulate. Nonetheless, being an open minded individual, I believe that my teaching technique would equally be anchored on a wide range of factors including my values and experiences. I want to ensure that my students learn in an environment that is secure and comfortable so that their level of steel esteem is enhanced. My experience as a student has served as an eye opener that great minds end up being unexploited to the optimum simply because the learning environment was not insecure or not conducive. Unwavering self-esteem would certainly give the student the confidence to strive and reach out for the goals they set for themselves. As a teacher, I will play an integral role in the provision of this environment to all students. I am also excited that I will have the privilege of shaping the lives of future parents and great members of the society. Often times, I find myself in a reverie imagining the pride that the teachers who taught President Obama felt when he was eventually inaugurated as the president of United States of America. I think of that and I cannot wait to start teaching. Who knows that an Obama or Hillary Clinton might be one of my students?! Many people find it hard to comprehend my unyielding passion to teaching profession. As others look at me in utter amazement, some people have chosen to level all sorts of criticisms at my “misdirected” ambition. They assert that teachers are the most lot of professionals no wonders they are ever complaining of exploitation. I do not blame them for this or neither do I hit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Why I Want to Teach Speech or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/education/1474615-why-i-want-to-teach.
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