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Why Do I Want to Be a Teacher - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Why Do I Want to Be a Teacher" discusses that by being part of the institute and certificate, I would be able to become a part of the grand academia which is awaiting a new dimension in the field of education that deals with the child development. …
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Why Do I Want to Be a Teacher
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Extract of sample "Why Do I Want to Be a Teacher"

Download file to see previous pages Teaching is a very dignified profession as a teacher imparts knowledge to the children so that they learn and become successful individuals. Teaching has been my passion. It forms an integral part of my life. This is the reason why I chose to apply for a professional studies program, Child Associate Development (CDA) Certificate which is in association with the New York Early Childhood Development Institute. It is by far the best program I have come across in New York, which offers all the facilities for the trainees. Known to permit individuals to acquire a great deal of knowledge, it provides the desired skills necessary to enhance career development. It gives the students the opportunity to earn credit which can be transferred to a variety of programs on campus. I am optimistic about the fact that this program is going to help me ineffective communication, polish my creative and critical thinking and aid me in learning to equip myself with the latest technology. The course will enable me to pursue the advanced studies in the same field and meet the standards of the curriculum which is tested for its reliability and validity. I have always sought to perform definitive tasks in the learning process so that I am able to capture the content and learn to apply it in a real-life professional scenario. I am looking forward to making full use of the objectives of this certificate so that I am able to achieve and excel in dealing with children and their families. In order to be able to demonstrate my expertise in the pedagogical aspect of child development; I intend to make frequent visits to toddlers’ institutes to familiarize with the new methods of teaching and the practical aspect of education. I seek to learn from my mistakes and have full faith in the program that it will facilitate me in examining and reflecting on my teaching style. The institute promises to train its candidates through the use of several hands-on activities which can benefit the young learners as they need to concentrate while learning. I also hope that through this certificate I would be able to reach out to the parents of the infants who need to be equally assisted with the skills and resources that I will be employing on my students. All this with the aid of skilled trainers will help me grow into a better educationalist than many others who do not have the opportunity to be a part of this program. I want to accomplish the best from this program and reproduce the best material which can help millions of toddlers to grow into optimistic learns and leaders of the nation. This might appear to be a farfetched notion but for me, it has always been my goal to achieve the best and help others achieve it as well. I believe that a teacher plays an eminent role in the pupils’ life. It is the role of my teachers which has compelled me to aim so high and work towards higher goals. In the end, it is all about self-satisfaction when it comes to nurturing a tiny human to turn into a better citizen and a successful professional. The field of education is too vast and offers a lot of opportunities for all the degrees of education. Each area is rapidly developing into a separate department and requires more and more people to join so that more research work can be performed and new methods could be derived through careful experiments on classroom teaching methodologies and the quality of education which requires constant upgrading and analysis of the curriculum. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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