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Developing Learning Skills and High Academic Achievements - Essay Example

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The paper describes the teaching profession. A teacher deals with children, with their educational and personal needs, and a person who intends to become a teacher should have appropriate personal and professional traits. I have all the necessary skills and a great desire to be a teacher…
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Developing Learning Skills and High Academic Achievements
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Download file to see previous pages My previous pedagogical experience will ensure high academic achievement for my students. During my experience, I have learned and trained many pedagogical methods which can help me in my future pedagogical activity. For example, I have gained the ability to be a good and effective manager. It is very important for a teacher to be a good manager as he must be a real leader and a positive example for students. As a manager I will be able to organize the teaching and learning process very effectively – it will ensure high academic achievement for my students. In addition to that, I have learned to have high expectations of myself and other people. So, I will be able to be exacting and make my students fulfil appropriate tasks which will ensure their high academic achievements. I also have learned to pay appropriate attention to small things – it is also very important for effective classroom management and different kinds of teaching activities directed to high academic achievement for students. The task-oriented teacher also can direct students to their learning achievements and improve their learning outcomes, and my previous experience has taught me to be a task-oriented person. In addition to that, my experience helped me be open to new theories and views, including new learning and teaching methods which can promote higher achievements to my students. I also became ready for different pedagogical activities outside the class as I understand that teacher profession includes many kinds of such activities, and I am aware that it also promotes high pedagogical and learning results for my pupils. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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