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This paper tells that the movie "Lumumba" does a good job of educating on the history of Congo however it's 2 hours time limit is not enough to fully depict what actually happened. Lumumba was generally an ambitious man who sought to fight for the independence of his people. …
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Lumumba and History of Congo
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Patrice Lumumba was assassinated on 17 January 1961. His assassination was plotted by the U.S and Belgian governments in conjunction with some Congolese accomplices. A Belgian execution squad was set up to kill him.
Reasons for Colonisation
Foreigners invaded Africa in the late 1800s and early 1900s for many reasons. Various African countries were colonized by different countries who were in pursuit of different agendas. For instance, Kenya was colonized by Britain who wanted to conduct a slave trade. The following are some of the reasons why African countries were colonized:
i. Search for raw materials. While carrying out their excursions, the European realized that Africa was a very rich continent and its inhabitants were yet to realize this. The continent was rich in raw materials for instance; Belgium invaded Congo partly for its rubber and ivory. Upon colonizing these African countries, the European nations acquired labor from the Africans themselves then exported the materials to their homeland.
ii. Slave trade. Upon acquiring raw materials for their industries back home, the colonizers required labor to help in the production of goods. Africa was a source of cheap and readily available labor.
iii. ‘Western civilization’. King Leopold was the Belgian King at the time Congo was colonized. He claimed that he wanted to bring western civilization to African countries for instance Congo. However, this was a mere ruse meant to distract from his real intentions. The King wanted to amass personal wealth in Congo.
African Reaction
Most African countries reacted to their colonization through violent means, however, some countries chose not to oppose their reign, for instance, Burundi who instead collaborated with the foreigners. Congo was one of the countries who responded through violent means. The Congolese resisted colonization for many years, killing very many of King Leopold’s soldiers. One of the famous uprisings was led by a chief in the lower Congo rapids, Nzansu. Leopold, however, retaliated through the use of even severe means of cruelty. Whoever opposed his rule were whipped to death, and their bodies were thrown in rivers and one of their hands severed.  Read More
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Lumumba and History of Congo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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