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“The German declaration of war on the Unites States after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor used to be the final step in the bringing about of the Second World War”6.Most of the world…
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Download file to see previous pages I am proud to understand that my grandfather was part of Second World War which a historical event changed the face of my home country. Having a multiple ancestry root is admirable fact, but my grandparent’s engagement in World War II changed my persona to a great extend” (Thesis)“Developing one’s self consists mainly in trend to self-development”3
Second World War is an historical event which has a great importance in political and social terms. This is a war which had all the superpowers of the world participating in it and winning this war was a crucial for all. This Second World War has enhanced the innovative dynamics of America and has built in them a sense of citizenship and patriotism. This war shows the dedication, sincerity and devotion of veteran Americans had for their country. “The
Americans supplied us with 450,000 lorries.Of course, in the final stages of the war this significantly increased our armed forces mobility, decreased our losses and brought us, perhaps, greater success than if we had not such help”7
The Second World War is immensely connected to my family as my maternal and paternal side is linked to this historical event. Firstly, my Granddad was a war veteran which showed the patriotism he had for his country. “Over time in the United States, this necessary war has been transformed into a good war, the best war the country ever had” 1.Apart from this, on my maternal side, her Irish ancestors took part as British military men in Second World War. Moreover, as we moved to Connecticut after World War II, our life took a positive course “At the outbreak of the Second World War southern Ireland declared itself neutral while the six counties of Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom became involved”5.
Understanding one’s family heritage is of great value as it allows one to grow emotionally and personally as an individual. “The family is usually considered ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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