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Were the Anti-Federalists correct Was the 1787 Constitution a betrayal of the American Revolution - Essay Example

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One of the reasons why the Anti-Federalists claimed that the 1787 Constitution was a betrayal to the American Revolution is that, the constitution gave the national government similar authority to that which they had just fought against. To them, restoring the power to tax and…
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Were the Anti-Federalists correct Was the 1787 Constitution a betrayal of the American Revolution
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Extract of sample "Were the Anti-Federalists correct Was the 1787 Constitution a betrayal of the American Revolution"

Download file to see previous pages According to the events that led to the formation of the new constitution, it is only right to note that the new Constitution was a step forward in strengthening the revolution. The main aim of the revolution was to achieve independence from the British, but it did not mean that United States of America could not form its own government or manage itself. The new constitution is a representation of the strength of the revolution, by recognising its weaknesses and strengthening them to form a national government, and not a betrayal to what the people of the United States fought against. This essay will describe how the new constitution was a means to strengthening the American Revolution.
1780s is referred to as the critical period. It is during this period that American Revolution faced intense challenges. America already had a Constitution (the Articles of Confederation) which helped the government win the revolutionary war, establish a territorial governance system in the Northwest Territories, resolve conflicting state land claims, and negotiate the 1783 treaty of Paris.[This is a brief description of the benefits of the previous constitution. what was this?] Under this Constitution however, the confederation Congress was unable to protect the nation’s commerce, could not pay the interest owed on national debt, and had no power to fight economic depression. America, after achieving its independence, was in chaos. It had a national debt which it was unable to pay because of lack of congressional powers to raise the money. Congress could ask states to contribute revenue, but could not force them to do so. America needed a sure way of getting revenue to pay its debts and govern the nation well. It experienced inflation which was as a result of a move to clear the national debt. Instead of collecting revenue through taxation, state and national governments printed money. Taxing the people was not an option at the time. This is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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