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Independence and Revolution - Assignment Example

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The assignment "Independence and Revolution" states that there is no doubt that the American constitution that was written in 1787 has by no means organized the lives of all Americans with no exception. The founding fathers, who have already taken part in the American Revolution…
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Independence and Revolution
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Extract of sample "Independence and Revolution"

As a group of leaders, the founding fathers were characterized by foresight, remarkable intellectual ability and, most importantly, a strong eloquence and wittiness.
American history shows that the American Constitution aroused much debate and controversy. People were divided into two major groups with respect to their content. The Federalists have acted as an intellectual beacon for the constitution of the United States. They favored concentrated national power and were made up of most outstanding figures such as George Washington and Alexander Hamilton. Also, this elitist party was much organized, funded and more resourceful than the Anti-Federalists, who depended heavily on popularity without any real organization.
Hence, while the Federalists were much aware of the economic and social changes of the American society and had to answer all the complaints of the Anti-Federalists, the Anti-Federalists were much afraid lest the president would get too much power; hence, they severely criticized the constitution.
2) Examine the course of the American Revolution. Please be sure to pay close attention to the generalship of George Washington as well as the various advantages and disadvantages of each side in the conflict.
The American Revolution (1775-1783) was a political and military outcry against the governance of Great Britain. Also known as the American War of Independence, the American Revolution that initially started as a war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and thirteen British colonies in America ended as a global war between several European great powers.
Noteworthy is that the colonists have openly denounced the right of the British Parliament to rule them without any representation. After a long conflict, and, in 1775, the revolutionary subjects gained command of each of the thirteen colonial governments.
As a President of the Constitutional Convention and a great general, George Washington was officially elected as the first President of the United States. He was the commander of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War. The man, who was viewed as the father of the country had great military experience, charisma and a good reputation of being a strong patriot.
Although commanding an inexperienced army and a poorly disciplined militia and was constantly hampered by congressional interference, George Washington managed to overcome all handicaps thanks to his brilliance and military expertise.
Last but not least, it is important to remember that a large array of people have massively participated in the incidents surrounding the American Revolution. Historians, in this respect, claim that there were almost 100 people who liberated the Americans from the manacles of the British crown. Read More
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Independence and Revolution Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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