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It is stated in favor of these voter ID laws that they would help in combating fraud, while those against the enactment of these laws argue that it is a way out to disenfranchise voters. These laws basically ask for identity proof,…
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Voting and Turnout
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Voting and Turnout Around 30 s have enacted voter ID laws. It is d in favor of these voter ID laws that they would help in combating fraud, while those against the enactment of these laws argue that it is a way out to disenfranchise voters. These laws basically ask for identity proof, which is not the same in all states. Common sense dictates that carrying an identity proof should be essential to stop fraudsters from voting more than once. The U.S. Supreme Court has also upheld the law on presenting the government provided photo ID (Lee, 2012).
It is argued against these laws that they affect the elderly, minority, and low-income people, desiring to vote the Democratic Party. But personally speaking, I don’t agree to their argument. Cost factor of $25 on the registration of voters is a one time cost. If the general opinion favors abolition of the cost that should be considered for exemption by the government and voter IDs should be provided at the government expense so that those who speak against these laws could not find an excuse due to the cost factor of $25. I do not agree with the analysis of the New York Times that the number of 120 fraud cases filed by the Justice Department is not a big enough number. On the contrary, I agree with the opinion of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, that voting frauds are a genuine threat, and only voter IDs can help check it (Lee, 2012).
Any step taken by the government to leak-proof the voting process will help the democratic process in the long run. It is the ethical responsibility of the federal government, irrespective of which party is in power, to provide voter ID cards to the poor classes, senior citizens and minorities at its own cost
Lee, S. (2012, Nov. 5). Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about voter ID laws. Retrieved from Read More
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