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Variables that Affected Voter Turnout Rates in the 2012 Presidential Elections In the United States - Research Paper Example

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This research focuses on the variables that affect voter turnout, more specifically during the 2012 United States presidential elections. The research seeks to establish how each variable contributed, in one way or another, to the voter turnout registered during the aforementioned presidential elections…
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Variables that Affected Voter Turnout Rates in the 2012 Presidential Elections In the United States
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Extract of sample "Variables that Affected Voter Turnout Rates in the 2012 Presidential Elections In the United States"

Download file to see previous pages Did various demographic variables affect the voter turnout during the 2012 presidential elections of the United States? The 2012 presidential elections voter turnout rate was lower compared to the previous 2008 elections, as shown in the diagram below.
According to many scholars and academicians, various demographic factors were responsible for the decreased voter turnout. This research, therefore, seeks to provide a concrete answer or response to this question, putting into consideration various demographic variables associated with elections and voter turnout rates. At this juncture, it is worth noting that the actual voter turnout was 66.65%, a figure that is arrived at after comparing the 129,067,662 individuals who voted out of the 193,653,908 registered voters (I.D.E.A 1).
A number of scholars and academicians alike have attributed various factors, both demographic and demographic, to the decreased voter turnout rate in the year 2012. In his article, “why is turnout so low in United States elections”, Eric black has considered two major non-demographic factors. Black attributes the low turnout rates to the legal requirement of voter registration. According to him, many people are unable to vote simply because they do not like the cumbersome and complex procedure of voter registration. The other factor he considers is the voluntary voting, which allows people the liberty to choose whether to vote or not. The United States citizens are not compelled to exercise their civic and political right of voting, and therefore the voter turnout rates will always remain low.
The Institute of Democracy and Electorate Assistance (IDEA) has also conducted a research and compiled data regarding the same issue. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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