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Critically assess the International Organisation structure to promote global security - Essay Example

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The essay starts by defining the international security and the related components. Then, the explanation of the role of the international security organization towards the…
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Critically assess the International Organisation structure to promote global security
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"Critically assess the International Organisation structure to promote global security"

Download file to see previous pages Such measures include the diplomatic agreements and military actions. National and international securities are interlinked, in which international security represents national security in a global arena. The study on international security emerged after the end of the World War II, and since then, international security study has been incorporated in studies on international relations. Security is considered as a common sense term understood only through unacknowledged consensus. Over the years, content on international security has developed to include the conventional or traditional modes of the military power, economic strength, the war consequences between nations, religious and ideological conflicts, the energy supplies, human security, science and technology and stability of states against environmental degradation among others (Buzan & Lene 2007, p.89).
The global security comprises of five dimensions, which are interrelated. The multi-dimensional structure of global security comprise of human, national, transnational, environmental and trans-cultural security. The global security cannot be obtained without good governance at every level.
Human security guarantees the human dignity for the global security. This protects individuals from inequality, humiliation and the double standards. The environmental security protects and enhances the environmental concerns. The national security entails global justice and the national capabilities in promoting peace. The transnational security protects against threats to transnational and multilateral cooperation for natural and man-made disasters. The trans-cultural security protects the different cultural groups against discrimination and humiliation by avoiding stereotyping through media, entertainment industry, and educational materials. The apparent differences in norms, value systems and ideals should be modified in such a way ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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