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Is the thesis proved - Essay Example

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Chemical warfare according to Ulrich Trumpener officially gained recognition in the First World War, an argument that is well supported with a backing of relevant facts. The fact presented stand out quite well based on the international recognition it gained following its…
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Is the thesis proved
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Chemical Warfare Chemical warfare according to Ulrich Trumpener officially gained recognition in the First World War, an argument that is well supported with a backing of relevant facts. The fact presented stand out quite well based on the international recognition it gained following its application by the Germans against allied forces.
According to Trumpener, the thesis presented is true concerning the recognition and facts supporting are brought out based on prior events. These are events that occurred prior to the world war one, especially with the application of chemical warfare by the French against fortified areas to smoke out enemy troops. Trumpener specifies that chemical warfare was in existence prior to world war one and that it is not the Germans that brought into existences, but instead they proved to the world that it is a force with which to reckon. (Trumpener, 1975) This is especially with the death of allied soldiers, who died immediately, and other who were left suffering after exposure to chlorine gas that was dispersed by wind. A similar case is brought forth with the French applying canisters that only caused temporary discomfort and few fatalities, as opposed to the case of the Germans. The French chemical warfare entailed application of gas to irritate the eyes and a choking sensation while the German one focused on the elimination of the allied enemy.
In addition, the lethality of the French chemical warfare was not guaranteed as it used low doses and in small volumes in dispersal as opposed to the German gas. The German’s were intent on killing all their enemies hence releasing over 150 tons of chlorine gas against allied forces (Trumpener, 1975). The claims and complaints by the allied forces against the Germans; on the unfairness of gas use proves that this was the very first encounter with poison gas on a massive scale. The use of chemical warfare came under strong criticism as it was viewed as a foul move since the Germans gained no advantage after poisoning the allied forces. In addition, following the lack of preparation by the allied forces, who were considered well equipped in the war, further proves the introduction of chemical warfare.
After the war in the 1919, there was increased activity as the article shows, on the production of poison gas and other agents of chemical warfare, where there was more research on the use of chemical weapons, especially on the German side. In addition, the use of chemical gas had been prohibited in 1899 in The Hague by the peace conference, which had limited and set rules in the conduct of war. The limitations covered the use of poisoned weapons and the employment of poison, two which are critical to this case, in which poison was employed by the Germans and caused unnecessary suffering, which against the conduct of war, and came as a surprise to the allied forces since none expected its application.
In conclusion, Trumpener’s thesis is true that the application of as warfare was introduced to war in the First World War by the Germans, but was in existence prior to that. In addition, precise dates and facts, as well as evidence and references referring to the period before, during and after the war also support the thesis.
Trumpener, U. (1975). The Road to Ypres: The Beginnings of Gas Warfare in World War I. The Journal of Modern History Vol. 47, No. 3, pp. 460-480 Read More
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Is the Thesis Proved Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Is the Thesis Proved Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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