Ethos Use by Jesse Ventura to Enhance Conspiracy Theory - Thesis Proposal Example

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The following paper is focused on the personality of Jesse Ventura within Ventura's show. Admittedly, the format of the show features former Navy UDT Minnesota governor, actor, as well as a professional wrestler Jesse Ventura who looks at different conspiracy theories…
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Ethos Use by Jesse Ventura to Enhance Conspiracy Theory
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Download file to see previous pages The conspiracy theories captured in the series elicit a lot of mixed reactions and responses from different parties. It is in closely examining a specific part of one of the episodes that the rhetorical appeal of the series is revealed. Rhetorical appeals are also referred to as modes of persuasion. These devices in rhetoric classify the appeal of the speaker to his or her audience. However according to Aristotle in a clear sense persuasion is somewhat of a demonstration because human beings are persuaded to the greatest degree when a thing is considered as having been demonstrated.
However, there are 3 kinds of styles of inducement furnished by the verbal word The first is ethos in which persuasion was achieved through the personal character of the speaker when he or she speaks in a manner to make the audience think him or her credible. On the other hand, persuasion may issue from or through the audience in instances where the speech was used to stir their emotions. This is what Aristotle labeled as pathos. Finally, Aristotle describes the kind of persuasion effected through the actual speech when an apparent truth or a truth has been proved using persuasive arguments that are enough to the case in question. This mode of persuasion is known as logos.
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura is one kind of television series that leaves the audience torn between different versions of ‘truth'. The numerous, unique, as well as individualized conclusions people relation this and organizations, draw from his discussions and investigations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethos Use by Jesse Ventura to Enhance Conspiracy Theory Thesis Proposal.
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