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Conspiracy Theory in Show Community - Movie Review Example

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The present paper would review an episode 9 titled "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design" in the TV series “Community", season 2, which depicts an array of conspiracy theories although it is not easy to predict and always has a surprise for the viewers…
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Extract of sample "Conspiracy Theory in Show Community"

Conspiracy Theory
Episode 9 "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design" in“Community Season 2 depicts an array of conspiracy theories although it is not easy to predict and always has a surprise for the viewers. The climax of the community is creative and funny which thrills the audience who cannot help laughing loud ( n.p). In the episode, Jeff invents a class and is caught by the dean in which he pretends that he is taking the conspiracy class. Abed and Troy construct a blanket fort while Annie and Jeff chase their tails. The character of the Professorson is funny especially when the study group splits up giving multiple storylines. The plot acted by Troy and Abed shows the adorableness the two have in their phenomenal city. The scene about the chase precincts is priceless and makes the community episode more interesting and funny to the audience. The chase was non-cleche and daft such that instead of running through the city, the characters clawed through a blanket fort built by Abed and Troy. The fort was cool and had a good architecture appearing like a functional city. The chase is quite funny and thrilling as it is one of the slowest chases by crawling. The most interesting thing about the Chase was the cleche of things just emerging from nowhere making it difficult for the movement of the pursuers. For instance, the parade held in such a small space made the thriller more fascinating to the viewers. The most interesting scene is when Jeff, Annie, and the Dean points guns at one another and shoots denoting a scene within a scene.
The show tackles conspiracy thrillers in a manner that creates humor and draws laughs as Troy and Abed constructs the world’s largest blanket fort ( n.p). The ‘chase’ entering the Blanket city mimics similar sequences as in any other thriller and is very inspiring. The conspiracy storyline starts out in a funny style and incorporates some levels of deception. The bond between the characters makes the show successful especially the reaction of Annie towards Jeff after he hurts her. Annie acts as if their kiss never happened, when Jeff comes back to school for the fall. The series may turn on the chemistry between any two pairs of the actors especially Jeff and Britta, who had some fun chemistry. The show highlights the idea that anyone on the show can be in a romantic relationship with anybody as depicted in the community. The ending of the episode is quite emotional and helps to keep the craziness in the show from extending too far. The structural insanity of the storyline about conspiracy comes to a logical conclusion through the expression of emotions.
The rest of the episode shows the weird wonderland Troy and Abed live through the conspiracy story. Another funny part is the idea that Greendale is infiltrated by the shadowed night school especially when Annie and Jeff find a fake classes' list. The episode eschews the four members on the scene entirely in which Shirley, Pierce, and Britta are present when the scene on study group opens though they disappear. Troy and Abed act in kid-like scenes and makes them appear as something adult, but Annie and Jeff act differently. The Community is all about people who find themselves in a school setting, a situation that infantilizes them. The show is also about individuals trying to appear cool in a funny tone making the audience thrilled by their actions. The Community is full of fascinating characters and portrays emotional moments in which the characters seem to love playing with all cool toys.
Works Cited,. 'Community: Conspiracy Theories And Interior Design'. N.p., 2010. Web. 14 Apr. 2015. Read More
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