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The Clash of the Titans. Soviet-American rivalry - Essay Example

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The Cold War is in the main focus of the paper. The Cold War was an ideological struggle between the capitalistic democracy and Marxism communism that lasted for 43 years. It was a war that was never “fought” but had a detrimental effect globally. …
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The Clash of the Titans. Soviet-American rivalry
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Extract of sample "The Clash of the Titans. Soviet-American rivalry"

Download file to see previous pages Post World War II at the Yalta conference, Stalin, Churchill, and Truman agree to divide Germany into zones of military occupation in which the Soviets possessed the East Germany while the Americans would take control of West Germany Grant 4. On March 1948, a secret meeting between the United States, Great Britain and France took place where the three nations agreed that democracy was the best solution for Berlin Grant 8. The Soviets shocked by this conspiracy withdrew from the Allied Council and blockaded the city of Berlin, which cut all the supplies to West Berlin Grant 8. The tension of this situation can be best described by Winston Churchill, the leader of the Great Britain describes this division in his famous speech where he states, “…An iron curtain has descended across the continent…Behind that line... all are subject…I do not believe that Soviet Russia desires war. What they desire is the fruits of war and the indefinite expansion of their power and doctrines.” Grant 6. The “Berlin blockade” was a blessing in disguise for the United States, who quickly reacted by conducting airlift operations. The “Berlin airlift” showed the supremacy of American flight dominance and gave hope to citizens of Berlin, who feared that the West would abandon them 26. Finally, the Soviets ended the blockade and the West had won the first epic “battle.” The blockade was essentially a slap in the face, who failed to contain democracy at its best . Yet, the conflict was not over and the race for nuclear arms intensified the battle for the “survival of the fittest.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Clash of the Titans. Soviet-American Rivalry Essay.
“The Clash of the Titans. Soviet-American Rivalry Essay”, n.d.
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