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Saturns Moon Titan: A World with Rivers,Lakes, and Possibly Even Life - Movie Review Example

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Your Full Date Saturn’s Moon Titan: A World with Rivers, Lakes and Possibly Even Life Titan, is one of Saturn’s satellites. For almost twenty years, the NASA Ames Research Center has sent missions to study the chemical properties of this satellite and attempt to find other life forms in the solar system…
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Saturns Moon Titan: A World with Rivers,Lakes, and Possibly Even Life
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"Saturns Moon Titan: A World with Rivers,Lakes, and Possibly Even Life"

Download file to see previous pages Dr. McKay’s main research is on explorations in Mars, but he also showed interest in Saturn’s moon, Titan. The Titan Exploration The Hydrogen Flux. Dr. McKay and his team became interested in exploring Titan because of the movement of hydrogen gas into Titan’s atmosphere. The scientists referred to this observation as the hydrogen flux, where hydrogen outside Titan moves down Titan’s atmosphere (thicker than Earth’s atmosphere) and no longer goes out back into the atmosphere as hydrogen. The Purpose of the Titan Exploration. The main purpose of Dr. McKay’s team in sending out explorations to different parts of the universe is to find other evidences of life outside of the Earth. By finding evidences, the scientists believe that it will provide more accurate information that there is life in other parts of the solar system (McKay, 2013). Finding another life form will also provide information on the biochemistry of living things. This new life form having a different or similar biochemistry can be compared to the biochemistry of the life forms of Earth, and a more accurate definition of “alien” life form can be established. This suggests that in terms of biochemistry, an “alien” life form is an organism having a biochemistry that is not present in the established “tree of life”. ...
Energy in the universe is readily available through solar energy as well as chemical energy by dissociation or particular reduction-oxidation (redox) reactions. Other elements are also needed for life such as nitrogen and oxygen. Among these needs, liquid water has proven to be the most difficult to find in other worlds in the solar system. However, compared to Earth, Titan does not have liquid water, instead, it has liquid methane (CH4), which is a greenhouse gas on Earth (McKay, 2013). Planetary scientists have then re-defined the need for liquid water as simply a liquid medium. This is because of the different atmospheric conditions of other worlds in the solar system. Other worlds tend to be hotter or colder, and the atmospheric pressure will also be different and these conditions will affect the physical properties of the compounds or elements that we see on Earth. In terms of temperature, as an example, Earth is approximated to be at +15?C, while Titan is about –180?C, which is obviously very, very much colder than Earth. Having such a low temperature, this implied that the only form of water present in Titan is its water ice or water in the form of solids rocks located in its polar region (McKay, 2013). McKay (2013) emphasized that in order for life to persist or function, there has to be some form of liquid medium present in the organism and in that world. The liquid does not have to be the water that we know on Earth, since the physical properties of the compounds are highly influenced by environmental conditions, as explained earlier. Gathering Evidences. McKay (2013) cited that there are three options by which information outside the universe can be gathered; namely: making it in the lab, identifying and exploring a target ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Saturns Moon Titan: A World With Rivers,Lakes, and Possibly Even Life Movie Review)
Saturns Moon Titan: A World With Rivers,Lakes, and Possibly Even Life Movie Review.
“Saturns Moon Titan: A World With Rivers,Lakes, and Possibly Even Life Movie Review”, n.d.
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