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This essay "Crazy Bigfoot Conspiracy Theories" focuses on the bigfoot conspiracy and the theories that are associated with bigfoot. As the author outlines, he cannot tell how true the theories associated with bigfoot are, but there are those who believe that indeed they are there…
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Crazy Bigfoot Conspiracy Theories
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Melba Ketchum, a veterinarian, conducted a DNA to prove that legendary apes are humans to some extent. She went ahead to say that they too like humans, their constitutional rights should be protected. This could seem funny, but to some, it is not. Bigfoot has been described as a real caveman. In 2007, Robert Wilson a Vancouver resident stated that he saw a large and hairy man who looked like a caveman. This strengthened the earlier theory that indeed, Bigfoot is a man.
Those who dispute the Bigfoot conspiracy justify it by saying that there have never been corpses of bigfeet men found anywhere. But the supporters of this conspiracy use the counter-argument that big feet bury their dead, and in fact, they are mentioned in the Bible in the book of Genesis. In 1999, there are those who claim that in the Battle Mountain fires, one Bigfoot was injured and taken away for treatment by government officials.
Another theory is that just like there are gay people; it is believed that 10% of bigfeet also known as sasquatches are also gay. This is according to Loren Coleman, a cryptozoologist. But there are also those people who claim that the male sasquatches sodomize male domestic cows. Read More
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Crazy Bigfoot Conspiracy Theories Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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