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Bishop Bossuet’s ideas of absolutism talk of the importance of the king within an earlier dispensation. Within this framework, the king was considered to rule with the sanction of…
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Historical Commentary of Historical Commentary The rise of the parliament as a form of governing in modern times is what is seen in the passage. Bishop Bossuet’s ideas of absolutism talk of the importance of the king within an earlier dispensation. Within this framework, the king was considered to rule with the sanction of a divine authority. Authority would then enable the king to rule with the power of god and hence be the deputy of the divine authority. As a result of this, the king was considered to be invincible as far as any attack on his person and authority were concerned. This was important as it was instrumental in preventing the rise of any dissenting voice within the kingdom. The king was then considered to be the guardian of the country and the rise of the parliament was obstructed for a very long time as a result of this theory of the Divine-Right of the king. The powers of the king and the institution of monarchy in England and other parts of Europe have been extremely pronounced and have maintained a strong hold on the public imagination. The king often worked in conjunction with religious authorities of the day so as to maintain monarchical control over the kingdom and over the minds of the people. Through the ages, the institution of monarchy sought to perpetuate itself through discourses that brought in several ideas such as the divine and the social. There have been occasions on which this dissent has translated itself into great violence. One of the greatest instances of this is the execution of the king in England in the seventeenth century by the Puritan regime. The French revolution can be considered to be the culmination of the bourgeoisie society’s resistance against monarchy (New Tensions in the Western Political Tradition: Absolutism and Parliament 23-4). The French revolution then can be considered to be one of the most important moments in the history of Europe where the ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity were considered.
These then influenced to a great extent the rise of democracy and the state as an institution of the modern society. The Divine Right theories that were talked of during the medieval ages were then looked upon as something that prevented the transfer of power into the hands of the common people. As explained earlier, the French Revolution led to the displacement of the ideals of monarchy. The importance of this lies in the fact that the overthrow of monarchy was accompanied by a great many changes in the social structures of that period. The complicity of the church in the control that was exercised by the royalty and the monarch is also something that has been looked at in the work. The importance of the religious structures in holding up the other structures of the society is something that is very important if one is trying to understand the history of democracy in any part of Europe. This history would also then be the history of pro-democracy movements.

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