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Historical investigation - To what extent was the Cuban Missile Crisis the result of U.S. policy towards the Cuban Revolution - Essay Example

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Some of the revolutions have changed the course of history. The Cuban Revolution is not less than that. The confrontation between the two giants of the world lasted 13 days. It is…
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Historical investigation - To what extent was the Cuban Missile Crisis the result of U.S. policy towards the Cuban Revolution
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Extract of sample "Historical investigation - To what extent was the Cuban Missile Crisis the result of U.S. policy towards the Cuban Revolution"

Download file to see previous pages In a series of such move, the world had witnessed Americans attempt to throw out the Cuban Regime by promoting unhealthy and provocative political activities. To counter such move and to deter USA, the then USSR President Khrushchev in the year 1962 suggested installation of Soviet nuclear missiles at a strategic location of Cuban territories. The secret efforts of the USSR and the Cuba with reference to the installation of medium range, intermediate range and the ballistic nuclear missiles in Cuba was unearthed by US U-2 aircraft (Franklin 86).
Upon noticing mentioned activities, the US government categorically announced that it will not allow offensive gadgets to be delivered to Cuba. It demanded the USSR to destroy base of missile already constructed or under construction. The USSR had done it with a little heart that the other side would follow the suit. If not agreed by the USSR, then the only option left was confrontation to resolve the issue (Blight, et al 54).
To avert the confrontation between the said governments, an agreement was signed by the UN General Secretary Mr. U Thant, US President Mr. John F. Kennedy and the President of USSR Mr. Khrushchev. According to that agreement USSR has to abolish all missile bases in Cuba provided that the Americans would assure not to invade Cuba. By way of this agreement the confrontation ended on October 28, 1962. The USA was afraid of the expansion of the communism in other parts of the world in general and in the Latin Americans States in specific. With this agreement it had stopped the influence of the USSR in Latin American States (Blight, et al 69).
A rat race had begun between the two mighty States in having the number of missiles to create an edge over other. The figures of missiles of either side from the analytical reports published in the war journals, confirms the preparation of missiles of all sorts to establish their supremacy (George 134).
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