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Syria has been one of the countries that have continued to make headlines of the various worlds’ news. The fragile situation in Syria is a masterpiece of an intolerant regime that is a kin to riding roughshod on the inhabitants of its state. …
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The Syrian Affair
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The Syrian Affair Introduction Syria has been one of the countries that have continued to make headlines of the various worlds’ news. The fragile situation in Syria is a masterpiece of an intolerant regime that is a kin to riding roughshod on the inhabitants of its state. It is a greatest height of intolerance and insensitivity, propagating anarchy and making people to live a life of desperation and tribulation (Böll 02). Many people have been sent into refugee camps, with bloodshed hitting a mark of above six thousand Syrians. The outcome has been so much devastating mauling the economy to a lack luster state. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been detained or arrested. The number of innocent Syrians languishing in refugee camps is a case of concern that has attracted the deliberations of the world leaders. This situation is because of certain factors that include:
Increased popular Movements at the Grassroots Level
The popular movement in Syria started just as small uprising groups that assemble to revolt against the situation in Syria taking into consideration the economic, political, environmental and technological paradigms. Four levels of analysis may justify how this led to intense revolt. First, it is individual decisions of Syrians that they felt they were too tired of a repressive regime that did not put the interests of the people of Syria forward. Therefore, as individuals they made the decision to revolt against the government regime (Böll 05). Secondly, the domestic or intrastate state factors played significant roles in pushing the government to respond to their concerns. Due to pressure, the regime reacted by subduing the protestors. As the central government that has effective control over its people, the regime chose to arrest and kill. The regime failed to recognize its mandate of effectively responding to the needs of the interest groups that took place in the revolt.
The bottom line is; the regime had not been doing enough to elevate the situation of Syria as far as the above-mentioned factors are concerned. at the interstate level, the world has been watching with several international government organizations putting efforts to mediate and give pressure to the Syrian government to respond positively to the demands of its people, which the government failed and energized people to consolidate their efforts in the popular movement to force the government respond or ouster it (Böll 07). The most advanced hotspots of the movement include Damascus, Hama, Homs and Deraa. Handful short-lived protests have metamorphosed to become huge and not only long lasting but also devastating protests. Traditional centers of resistance have established strong base for the uprising in Syria (Böll 08).
The Cohesion of the regime
Several cases witnessed in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt saw the armed forces completely divided with opposing segments, identifying with either the troubled regime or the mass that requires the ousting of the incumbent regime (Böll 10). This was an individual responsibility of the forces to choose which side to identify with. It has however been a different case in Syria. The regime has continued to exist cohesively and initiating martialling every bit of its machinery to counter the weave of the civilians uprising. Whereas the intrastate pressure is too high for them, they still have the individual decisions to make. To either chose to re4volt in order to help the people or accept the fate of exile, death and other stringent measures. The interstate analysis identifies that a state should be able to protect and defend its independence, sovereignty and a result the regime has chosen not to bow to the international pressures due to the sovereignty of Syria as a state (Böll 2012. Several cases had been witnessed of soldiers and police officers questioning the actions of the regime send into bliss of doom. They have been murdered or forced into exile (Böll 11).
The global level analysis underlines the necessity and responsibility of the government in protecting the environment, focus on climate and the economy of the country. This can be used to justify that it is the dissatisfaction of the people that these factors had not been adhered to by the regime. The government had failed to cushion the economy and respond effectively to the environmental and economic issues. They therefore intensified activities at the popular movement to pressure the government to respond to these demands. The aftermath has been dreadful; the government showing utmost disrespect for the human life and value.
Work cited
Böll Heignrich S. Syria: The Current Situation and Possible Solutions. High Institute For Damascus Facts pp. 1-11. 2012. Print. Read More
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