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Explaining the assertions in the quotation in your own words - Essay Example

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Tyranny is depicted through the notion of a man rule. On this note, the author was comparing the rule of tyranship, with that of a democracy. In a democracy, the system of governance requires consultations, and a leader cannot…
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Explaining the assertions in the quotation in your own words
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Extract of sample "Explaining the assertions in the quotation in your own words"

Download file to see previous pages In other words, the quotist asserts that a tyrant does not need to face an electorate to approve his leadership, since it is authoritarian. On this note, the author asserts that in a democracy, politicians use languages that are polite, and convincing to lie to the people on the importance of their policies, and why they ought to take office.
In his own opinion, in a democracy, there is no honesty, and people take power through dishonest means, for purposing of advancing their own agendas, at the expense of the citizens of the state. The author also asserts that, in a democracy, a leader is praised by the same crowd when he is doing good, and his failures unknown. Immediately his failures are known, he faces hostility from the same crowd that praised him before.
On this note, the author asserts that in a democracy, in as much as leaders are not honest, people are also not honest. They are unstable in their minds, concerning a particular leader, or policy, and on this note, they do not know what they need. Their needs are only defined by those in authority. The author further asserts that the people of Thebes cannot manage democracy. He is of the opinion that, the people cannot form true judgments, and therefore lack the ability to govern a state.
He also asserts that, people in Thebes are so much pre-occupied with economic benefits that they do not put their minds on politics. On this note, the author asserts that democracy gives an opportunity to a person with no values and morality, to take office. The person depends on his wealth, and once in office, he will serve his own interests. Some of the assertions on this quote are right, and some are wrong. For instance, the assertion that in a democracy a ruler must consult in order to enact a policy is true (Tilly, 51).
Democracy provides an opportunity to the citizens of the state, to engage themselves in the governance of their state (Kraut, 41). In a democracy, people choose their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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