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WESTERN CIVILIZATION AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT (foundations of the study of human development) - Term Paper Example

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The development of humans seems to be one of the most complex things in our society that has been constantly studied in almost all aspects; whether it is on the physical, psychological, sociological and the like. In this paper, I shall assess the development of humans by drawing…
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WESTERN CIVILIZATION AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT (foundations of the study of human development)
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Extract of sample "WESTERN CIVILIZATION AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT (foundations of the study of human development)"

Download file to see previous pages that have provided a logical manner of inquiry, the humanities which are an avenue of expression of the mind and aesthetic judgement, philosophy as a guiding standard with reason. At the same time, all of them will be assessed in relation as to how nature and nurture relates to the following and alters the conditioning of mind and the human activity. All of these points are the ones that shall be engaged and discussed. At the same time, these will be applied in relation to my experiences.
On the other hand, as I explore the intricacies of the matters at hand in these paper, I will be providing commendable counter – arguments that can devalue the assertions made. In this case, I shall make a conflicting condition between nature and nurture to set the issue straight. I shall also provide a synthesis between the clashes that will emerge in this paper. This is important to fully emphasize the historical development and theoretical application of the developed and created notions about human nature in general and a specific sense. There will also be importance in construction assumptions in a logical manner.
In this scenario, scientific and biological inquiry plays an important role to see how one acts accordingly to inherent prescriptions. In the development of knowledge in the Western World, scientific queries have been made about evolution of humans and ended proposing that evolution is a natural process (Menand 2002).
This has been considered to be true and normalized in the consciousness of the people in the current time. Analytically, one develops accordingly to his or her own innate capacities that allow evolution to take place. Darwin has emphasized that evolution is something that happened to humans all throughout the course of time and of history, which inevitably true in a biological sense (Menand 2002).
How is this manifested? The body itself is the one that undergoes development in all aspects possible. In my case, there is a development process that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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