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WESTERN CIVILIZATION AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT (continuity and discontinuity) - Term Paper Example

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The concerns of this theory are on psychosexual development and the intricate account of how initial sexual and violent drives interacted with the initial practices led to either fit adult change or a lifetime of neurosis (West, 2008). This theory connotes that people could turn…
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Extract of sample "WESTERN CIVILIZATION AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT (continuity and discontinuity)"

Download file to see previous pages Similar advancement derailment could happen at any of the successive psychosexual stages resulting differently to anal retentive personal traits or, subsequent, to an Oedipus intricate. These concepts have a reflective effect on the western culture, more so on the concept that mature personality is considerably formed in the initial stages of the childhood and that the foundational causes of many mature problems must therefore be met and therapeutically revealed in the childhood happening (Woods, 2005).
A corollary conclusion was that each point relied on the other. This needed the successful conclusion of each preceding stage. Knowledge of the internal logic in each stage would allow prediction of the later stages (Khalakdina, 2008). There was also an assumption that, the initial stages of child advancement would have a decisive effect on all the later development and the outline of an adult and his conduct (Constantineau, & McLuhan, 2010). The persistence of this conviction in the decisive effect of initial knowledge can be viewed in the normally held notion amid the contemporary middle class parents that they will achieve their children’s development without the concern of the stage of such children
As it has already been discussed above, the idea of the continuity is so intensely ingrained in the modern observations of human advancement that is regularly merely assumed. In spite of its foundation being found in the Aristotle and other western scholars, it remains clearly a contemporary idea (West, 2008). Prior to the contemporary era, the prevailing observation of people’s lives was religious rather than secular. Augustine confessions afforded a vivid and compelling appearance of this sacred western view on the fundamental course and connotation of human existence a master narrative of its vital themes and matters. According to the master narrative, people come into the world together with burden of the new sins and the liberty and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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