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Date Quotations The first quote that I will be examining will be quote 04. There is much that I do not agree with in this statement, at least with regards to this country. For instance, there is the quote that our government in in the hands of the many and not of the few…
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Download file to see previous pages Why else would our government continue to allow tax breaks and subsidies to oil companies? These companies certainly do not need subsidies, yet they continue to get them. In the meantime, there are many poor people who rely on basic government services, and see these services being cut, year after year. It angers me that the money that is given to oil companies could be used for much better causes, and this is just one glaring example. Our health system is broken, in part because of the big lobbying money that is given by the health care industry and, especially, the pharmaceutical companies. Our Congress will not raise taxes on the wealthy, because of all the money that the wealthy gives these congressional representatives and senators to make sure that this doesn't happen. Sure, on the surface, we live in a democracy, but when one really gets down to it, we really don't – we increasingly live in a country that is by the wealthy and for the wealthy. As for the rest of the quote, it does seem like this envisions a country that is a little bit less complex than our society. For instance, this quote talks about there being equal justice to all and alike. This might be true in some areas, not so much true in others. It is a common fact that African Americans represent, proportionally, a high percentage of our prison population, so this implies that justice is not always equal. Distinguished citizens might prefer public service, but they often do not, preferring to work for profit just like anybody else might. Poverty is an obstacle to advancement in this country, although there are some who work their way up from poverty, this is true. But if a person is in poverty, that person does have much longer odds in making it in this world than people who are not in poverty. They do not have the same educational opportunities, they do not have the advantage of a stable home many times, and they face prejudice and discrimination in their lives often because of who they are. So, while a man “may benefit his country whatever the obscurity of his condition,” this is often not true, more often than not. The quote that states that we are not angry with our neighbor if he does what he likes might be true in some cases - there certainly are a good share of people who are “live and let live” types. But there are others who make everybody else's business their own - if this were not true, then we would have gay marriage in all 50 states. Moreover, part of the quote implies that “we are prevented from doing wrong by respect for the authorities and the laws.” This is true for some, but certainly not true for all. This country certainly has its share of lawlessness, and this is true for most people - every time a person speeds in his or her car, they are technically breaking the law, and there is certainly crime that is rampant in this country as well. In short, this quote assumes that there is some kind of perfect country. Our country isn't perfect. It's messy, people commit crimes, others have to be in others' businesses, and there isn't enough attention to the poor. That said, this quote may also be seen as true for a certain percentage of the population, so this quote is not entirely true, nor entirely false. The next quote that will be examined will be quote number 10. This is that all men are created equal and they are endowed by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I agree with the assertions in the quotation since for a man to survive and lead a comfortable life, the four essentials of freedom must be recognized and appreciated (Samalavic?ius 15). These four essentials include the freedom of speech as well as expression, freedom of worship, freedom from wants or right to a peaceful environment that promotes economic prosperity, and finally the freedom from fear.
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