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This essay intends to provide a criticism of Mill’s literature on individual liberty by considering the Marxist perspectives as found in The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels. Marxism tends to connect the current societal conditions as products of medieval class…
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Download file to see previous pages Mill introduces his account on individual liberty by describing the form of liberty present in his arguments. The author becomes clear to the reader by specifying the subject of the essay as that which considers both social and civil liberty. This is for the purpose of creating a succinct understanding of individual liberty as described by the author. Mill considers civilization as a struggle that occurs between a person and a society causing the individual to change behavior in an attempt to fit in the society (Mill 5). The author criticizes the public laws and opinions regarding them as determinants of the actions of individuals instead of the person having power over his own thoughts. Mill objects the idea of public laws and opinions, which affects the well-being of the society. He argues that such laws should only apply in cases where the actions of an individual directly affect the society (Mill 6). The argument of the author is that these laws cause an individual to act against his will. The author does not only argue on the laws but also on the morality of individuals. Mill is critical about the notion of public on the behavior of individuals; he does not accept the judgments that the public makes and that discriminates a person due to behavioral aspects. He terms such actions and ideas as coerce claiming that their illegitimacy is undesired. Mill’s notion that persons in the society can improve themselves in the absence of laws brings questions on whether the society can be a better place without these laws. His notion makes him regard various societies as a dwelling on an order of value (Mill 6). He sets an example of barbaric societies acting like children in the absence of necessary guidance of their independence. Mill’s expression of liberty is utilitarian rather than based on natural rights as exemplified in metaphysical opinion by Kant (Marx, Engels 40).
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