Taxes and campaign money - Essay Example

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The most obvious correlation between these two figures is that the percentage of tax collected by the government is directly proportional/related to its social welfare expenditure. It is only logical that countries that spend so much with social welfare should also collect…
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Taxes and campaign money
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Teacher What conclusions can you draw by comparing the table in Figure 1 (page 9) with the tax rates shown on page 17? The mostobvious correlation between these two figures is that the percentage of tax collected by the government is directly proportional/related to its social welfare expenditure. It is only logical that countries that spend so much with social welfare should also collect higher taxes to fund their social services expenditure. In the table, Sweden spends so much with social welfare (at 29%)and so it follows that they also collect the highest taxes (at 51 %). Inversely, United States spends the least amount to social welfare (at 16 %) but also collects the least taxes in the table at 27%.
2. In Debating the Issues (page 14): Should corporations be allowed to spend unlimited amounts on Federal Election Campaigns? Do you side with Senator OConnell or with President Obama? Why?
I am siding with President Obama that corporations should not be allowed to spend unlimited amounts on Federal Election Campaigns because to do so would “open the floodgates for an unlimited amount of special interest money into our democracy” (14). This means that business are now legally allowed to buy candidates through funding their campaigns who would advance and support their business interest even if it is inimical to public interest. Candidates who have genuine concern for the interest of the Americans will have hard time pitting against well funded opposition who is well-funded by business and interest groups that does not necessarily carry the interest of Americans. Worst, even foreign corporations can even spend unlimited funds to candidates who would also advance and support their interest. Read More
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Taxes and Campaign Money Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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