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Mitt Romney’s official Presidential campaign started in June 2011 in New Hampshire when he formally announced that he will be running for Presidential Elections. Though Romney failed to appear in 2008 elections however, he continued with that strategy for 2012 elections and…
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Inside the Romney Campaign
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It has been suggested that his compaign is based upon interlocking circles and contacts which he managed to win during his business days. It is however, critical to understand that campaign is managed by a manager however, Romney himself is considered as the man calling all the shots. This strategy therefore may fail to achieve excellent results because it is felt that too much involvement by the candidate in the details may distract the overall focus of the campaign. It is also been suggested that the campaign is actually been run as a business rather than for a Presidential election therefore may not serve the overall purpose for winning the elections.
This paper will therefore discuss the structure of Romney’s election campaign and analyze from a strategist point of view whether the current structure is effective and efficient and can deliver required results to Romney in winning Presidential elections against Barrack Obama.
At the start of the Campaign, Romney announced to form a exploratory committee to kick start his campaign for Presidential elections. This committee was considered as an initial organizational structure of the campaign and how it will be directed in the future. It is critical to note however, that since the start, there were plans to restart once Romney wins the nominations for Presidential elections. (Steinhauser, 2011). The plan therefore was to completely shakeup the existing set up and starts over again with new vigor and energy. Many however, still believe that there is a lack of one common figure at the top who can actually engineer the whole campaign and lack of such personality may not serve the purpose. Separation of candidate from the menial actions taken in day to day operations may allow Romney’s campaign managers to work more innovatively and creatively.
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