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History 5 questions - Essay Example

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While the horror of war was much intensified, the mechanisms of hurting common man increasingly became the much sought after means of winning the war. The advancements in…
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History 5 questions
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Response Warfare and techniques of war had indeed undergone dramatic transformation in the 19th and 20th century. While the horror of war was muchintensified, the mechanisms of hurting common man increasingly became the much sought after means of winning the war. The advancements in science hugely contributed to the increasing violence and torture. Mustard gas was the most dastardly way to kill enemies in the trenches and enclosed spaces. It slowly suffocated people who died of excruciating pain, blisters and respiratory failure. Indeed, scientific warfare greatly made soldiers more inhuman with monstrous attitude that was devoid of compassion and sensitivity. I agree that the only thing that made them human was the Christmas festivity which propelled them to enjoy the occasion. Despite hostility and even in the battle ground, Christmas spirit overtook the rigors of war.
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The repercussions of war are always bad and strip nations of not only wealth but also diminish their military and financial powers over the rest of the nations. The First World War was highly expensive in terms of technology driven warfare and much extended period of its ongoing battles that increasing covered all Europe. The industrialized nations like Germany, France and England had lost much of their accumulated wealth and had ultimately become indebted to United States. Moreover, war invariably leads to breaking of nations. As revealed, Germany had lost large region to France and Turkey had emerged as new nation from the ruin of Ottoman Empire. Thus, I believe that in the long run, war has no advantage and only leads to huge socio-economic loss and reduced political dominance. (words: 270) Read More
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History 5 Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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