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Unknown - Thesis Example

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America too underwent a stage of religious fanaticism and fatalism just like her rabid critic today. This proposed research is…
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Extract of sample "Unknown"

Research Proposal Salem Witchcraft Trial of 1692 To make the research paper about America’s history relevant, it would make an interesting writeto delve into one of America’s darkest history. America too underwent a stage of religious fanaticism and fatalism just like her rabid critic today. This proposed research is relevant in today’s socio-political environment because her practice of freedom both in religious practice and speech offends many of its critic in today’s contemporary world yet she herself at some point were also as fatalistic as they.
The proposed research is about the Salem Witchcraft of 1692. This interesting because in 1692, witchcraft was considered a crime in the United States and anybody who is tried for the crime will be denied legal counsel. US legal system was also flawed at that time and could even be considered worst than the most fatalistic government today. During that time, anybody can be convicted by just an accusation that a person was seen in a dream committing the crime (spectral evidence) where gossips and hearsays were used as evidence (Linder, 2009). An accused is also tried on the basis of either he or she is with God or against God (McGill, 1981) where evidences were based on religion instead of facts (Eugen, 1959). And yes, America hanged their convicts too especially when it involves witchcraft.
This piece of America’s history is not that popular because it ran counter to cherished value that we now enjoy. Yet at some point, America was like her critic that would make this research an interesting excursion into America’s dark past.
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Unknown Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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