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Author discussed three measures or approaches to resolve Cuban crisis, to wit: (a) blockade system, (b) adoption of United States of America’s proposition, and (c) United Nations intervention. Chayes argued that the root cause of Cuban crisis is political and thus, seeking…
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Bibliography Chayes, A. (1974). The Cuban missile crisis: International crises and the role of law. London: Oxford Press. discussed three measures or approaches to resolve Cuban crisis, to wit: (a) blockade system, (b) adoption of United States of America’s proposition, and (c) United Nations intervention. Chayes argued that the root cause of Cuban crisis is political and thus, seeking justifications for resolutions might likely bring practical importance for decision-making, too.
2. Allison, G. T. (1969). Conceptual Models and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The American Political Science Review, Volume 63, Issue 3, 689-718.
Author discussed three models as strategic method to bring about the needed political environment for Cuba’s renunciation of armaments with massive destruction.
3. Bloom, N. (2006).The Impact of Uncertainty Shocks: Firm Level Estimation and a 9/11 Simulation. CEP Discussion Papers dp0718, Centre for Economic Performance, LSE, UK.pp. 1-40.
Uncertainty differs over time but it has risen to 200% due to Cuban Missile crisis, the death of JFK and the 9/11 attack. Author delved on the structural framework to analyse uncertainty shocks using parameterized model to simulate major events that have caused severe psychological and emotional shock. Study asserted that the impact of violence affected human resources, their employment, and their economic activities, thus, resulting to losses in the gross domestic products (GDP).
4. Sekeris,P. (2006).Compelling in the Shadow of Power. Working Papers halshs-00081333, HAL, CRED, Belgium. pp. 1-16.
Power fixes the outcome of political decisions. The theory of political movements illustrated that those who are able to wield power imposes to opponent the strategy that must be adopted. As such, the underpowered is compelled to comply terms or be punished.
5. Unknown Author (2012). Cuban Missile Crisis. Accessed Aug. 13. 2012.
The document discussed the historical context of the crisis and the actions undertaken by United States of America against Cuba to balance or tilt power amid effort for nuclear disarmament.
6. Dobbs, M. (2008). Why We Should Still Study the Cuban Missile Crisis: Special Report. United States Institute of Peace. Washington, DC. Report Np. 205 pp. 1-11.
Dobbs argued that Cuban missile crisis is a case of presidential power and security management. He argued that the issue is better understood within the context of the limits of presidential power and of crisis management. Since this involved nations, it is personality-based politics is significant for negotiations.
7. Blight, J.G.,Nye, J. Jr., and Welch, D.A (1987). The Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited. Foreign Affairs. 66(1): 170-188.
The Cuban crisis was perceived as the most dangerous problem. It was a special laboratory to study the art of crisis management using military-based strategy to balance power.
8. Blight, J. (2004).The Cuban Missile Crisis: Considering its Place in Cold War History. Choices for the 21st Century Education Program. Watson Institute for International Studies. Brown University. pp 1-55.
Author evaluated the historical and socio-political context of Cuban missile crisis and the role of the international institutions to resolve the issue.
9. Pfiffner, J. & Goshko, J. M. The Cuban Missile Crisis: Decision Making Under Pressure. Triumps and Tragedies of the Modern Presidency, pp. 185-187.
Authors asserted the primordial role and influence of United States in resolving missile crisis in Cuba to put an end to the possibility of nuclear war.
10. Cleary, P.(2009). The Cuban Missile Crisis: How close were we to nuclear war? Western Dubuque High School
The world was almost unleashing nuclear war amid Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962. The United States under former president John F. Kennedy discovered the weapons by the use of U-2 spy planes which created tensions between Americans, Cubans and Soviets. The document proposed recommended readings for academic studies. Good for teachers. Read More
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