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Integrating Performance and Reporting - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The annotated bibliography "Integrating Performance and Reporting" states that the book, ‘Corporate Sustainability: Integrating Performance and Reporting’ is written by Ann Brockett and Zabihollah Rezaee. The book focuses on how to get sustainability in a corporate environment. …
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Integrating Performance and Reporting
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Extract of sample "Integrating Performance and Reporting"

Download file to see previous pages Although these authors have presented a detailed analysis of the subject, a knowledge gap can be witnessed in the book. The authors did not present steps for making an efficient corporate strategy that drives towards sustainability. The principles of business sustainability are most relevant to the main topic i.e. DSS. The authors did not conduct any specific research on the subject; they presented the information by gathering data from past authors and through their own analysis of knowledge.

The proceedings, ‘Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning -- IDEAL 2014: 15th International Conference, Salamanca, Spain, September 10-12, 2014. Proceedings’ is edited by Corchado. It is the compilation of the IDEAL 2014, 15th International Conference that took place in Salamanca, Spain. In short, the proceedings of the conference have effectively highlighted the main aspects of the conference. In the proceedings, some of the most advanced and highly technological methods of data engineering are discussed. Springer, London, published it. Springer Publishing is a world-famous publishing company that has its franchise throughout the world. It publishes books, textbooks, journals, researches, etc. the editor of the proceedings has presented some simple yet highly advanced methods of data engineering and automated learning. For this reason, it is highly in relevance with the core topic i.e. DSS. Since it is a conference proceeding, therefore, it is difficult to say whether there are some knowledge gaps in the book or not. The information provided in the proceedings, however, provides an in-depth analysis of the subject topic.

The book, ‘GIS to support cost-effective decisions on renewable sources’ is written by Gemelli, Mancini, Diamantini, & Longhi. As the name suggests, the book discusses some of the key elements regarding cost-effectiveness and decision making on how to renew resources. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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