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Pets Rights in Hawaii - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This discussion declares that pets' ownership has increased in the US in the last few years. Under most laws in the US, animals are regarded as property and thus may not enjoy rights of their own. There have been many cases in most US states such as Hawaii of people mistreating their pets…
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Pets Rights in Hawaii
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Extract of sample "Pets Rights in Hawaii"

A research proposal of pet’s rights in Hawaii Introduction Pets ownership has increased in the US in the last few years. Under most laws in the US, animals are regarded as property and thus may not enjoy rights of their own. There have been many cases in most US states such as Hawaii of people mistreating their pets such as dogs and cats. In the last few years, different laws have been legislated to guarantee and give pets (dogs and cats) their rights. These rights involve the right to be free of brutality, natural disasters and rights of having their interests considered in a courtroom (Little 6).
Many people have an interest in the topic because of laws that have been passed to protect animals. Anticruelty laws demand that animals need to be provided with basic requirements and be treated in a fair manner. The law protects animals from being exposed to harsh conditions and suffering when there is an option of affording them a nice environment. The research will help to answer the following questions:
i. Which laws in Hawaii have been implemented to support the rights of animals?
ii. What is the level of abuse of the rights of pets in Hawaii?
iii. Which rights groups have been formed in Hawaii to fight for the rights of animals?
iv. How is the progress of other states in towards the rights of animals?
Purpose of the research
The purpose of the research is to find out the level of the abuse of pets in Hawaii. This information will help in determining the best way towards protecting the rights of animals in the state. Many cases of the violation of pets rights in Hawaii have been reported, and this research will come up with recommendations on how best to address issues of violation of pets rights. There have been different discussions about the rights of pets in the US, but this research will offer solutions on how to reduce the cases of violation of the rights of pets.
The research will rely on journal articles, news articles, documentary films and interviews to gather information about the rights of pets in Hawaii and other places. Many people have written scholarly articles that discuss the cruelty that animals have been exposed to and how their rights are being addressed in modern days. News articles and documentaries will offer current information concerning cases of mistreatment of animals and how animal activists have pushed for laws to protect animals. The researcher will interview 3 animals activists in Hawaii and 2 others in other US states to give their views about animals rights in the US.
The issue of the rights of animals has caught the attention of many people and authorities around the world. Different laws have been implemented to make sure that the rights of animals are protected. The research will try to find out some of these laws and groups that agitate for the rights of pets and the level of abuse of pets rights in Hawaii and other states in the US. To gather information, the research will use journal articles, news articles, documentary films and interviews. The information will be analyzed and presented as research finding.
Works Cited
Little, Chelsea C. The legal history of the Animal Rights Movement in America: our legacy. Diss. Humboldt State University, 2015.
Annotated Bibliography
Little, Chelsea C. The legal history of the Animal Rights Movement in America: our legacy. Diss. Humboldt State University, 2015.
The article traces the history of animal rights movements in the US. It discusses the famous personalities and groups that have fought for the rights of animals for many years. The article also looks at the progress that has been made towards the realization of animals’ rights in the US. In the research, the article will help to gather information about the rights of animals that have been achieved so far.
The State of Hawaii. Importing Animals to Hawaii from the U.S. Mainland. 2015 Online hawai%CA%BBi-from-the-u-s-mainland/
The online article looks at the rules involved in importing animals to Hawaii from other states. The article gives direction on how animals must be ferried to ensure their wellbeing and eliminate suffering. The article is significant since it shows the steps made by the Hawaiian government towards the protection of the rights of animals.
Wise, Steven. Rattling the cage: Toward legal rights for animals. Da Capo Press, 2014.
The book looks at the progress that the US has made to ensure that the rights of animals are guaranteed. The book will examine some of the laws that have been implemented to ensure that the rights of animals are upheld. The book is critical to this research since it shows the state of the rights of animals around the world. Read More
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