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Fundamental Elements: Progressive Society - Essay Example

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An essay "Fundamental Elements: Progressive Society" reports that society promotes equal distribution of rights to all individuals belonging to different races, and ethnic background. Throughout history, several social movements have raised concerns relating to a civil right…
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Fundamental Elements: Progressive Society
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Extract of sample "Fundamental Elements: Progressive Society"

Download file to see previous pages Researcher indicates the importance of race, gender, and classes through sharing their personal experiences, analyzing the society, historical event or referring to current issues in the society. In a similar manner Andersen and Collin in their article ‘Why Race, Class, and Gender still matter’ make use of several articles and researchers to determine the influence of race, class, and gender in American society. Different researchers interpret the significance of race, gender and class in the society in various manners. The main objective of this paper is to discuss the sources that the author makes use to develop an argument. It shall further analyze the appropriateness of sources to support the argument present by Andersen and Collin. The article ‘Why, race, Class, and Gender still matter’ develops an understanding of the reader that three factors are interrelated experiences that have structured United State’s society. One of the sources used by the author is ‘A different Mirror’ by Ronald Takaki. The book provides an in-depth understanding of the perspective of minority groups in America. It presents the idea, emotion and expression of minority groups experience as being a part of multicultural America. Ronald makes use of different national identities, songs, letter, telegrams; photograph to develop understanding about the different ethnic group has to experience in the United States. However, Ronald has shares experience on emotions, and behaviors in the different situation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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