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Describe and analyse in detail the dramatic importance and visual impact of the Mediterranean setting in Et Dieu cra la femme - Essay Example

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ET DIEU CRЙA LA FEMME" VISUAL ARTS AND FILM STUDIES SUBMITTED TO- SUBMITTED BY- "ET DIEU CREA LA FEMME" INTRODUCTION The film "Et Dieu Crea la Femme" was one of the defining films in the new era of French cinema. The post-war era of the French films was marked by the emphasis on the different elements of realism…
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Describe and analyse in detail the dramatic importance and visual impact of the Mediterranean setting in Et Dieu cra la femme
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Extract of sample "Describe and analyse in detail the dramatic importance and visual impact of the Mediterranean setting in Et Dieu cra la femme"

Download file to see previous pages It played a great part in the conceptualization of the premise of the movies. To fully comprehend the effect of the different elements of the movie, the impact of the points has to be analyzed in its total form. The formation of the script is important and the Mediterranean settings play an instrumental role in the setting. The classical conceptualization of the plot is one of the strong points. The impact of the Mediterranean setting on the movie can be comprehended form the overall complicity of the movie with the settings. The film has all the element of the modern day cinema and even pushed the boundaries in terms of the classical representation. This ensured the fundamental nature of the movie. STORY SYNOPSIS The central characters of the film are justified by the Mediterranean settings in the movie. The central plot of the movie is based on this situation of the movie. The Mediterranean settings added a certain degree of charm to the surroundings. This is seen in the heightened sense of sensuality of the movie. The overall development of the movie was seen to be a result on that stress on sensuality. The elements of drama have been seen in the movie and this has endeared the movie to the watchers. The movies were made in the golden age of French drama. It was seen to have all the elements of the genre in place. The progression of the story is significant in terms of the elements involved in the characterization of the movie. The film was directed by Roger Vadim and starred Brigitte Bardot in it. It is the film that is widely credited to have led to the rise of stardom of Bardot. The conceptualization and the development of the story have a touch of sensuality to it. The story has all the elements that glamorize the settings. If the plot is very keenly observed, it can be seen that the story has concordance with the Mediterranean settings. The sensuousness of the story has been helped by the concept that the story has shown. This is one of the primal parts of the story that is of significance. The film has a very heavy content of sexuality, which has helped in the formation of the concept of the movie. The film is responsible for pushing the boundaries of American cinema when it comes to the representation of sensuality in the European cinema. The film has multiple elements that have ensured that the core elements of the movies are represented in the best manner. The film has the narration of the experience of Juliette, an orphan that has very high degree of sexual energy present in her. She does not conform to the rules present in the society in every manner. This is representative of the fundamental elements of the film. There is no effort in the hiding of innate sensuality that is present in all the characters. This becomes even more profound from the habits that have been shown in the movies. She lies naked in the backyard, does not wear the shoes and also does not follow any of the rules and the regulations that need to be followed by the people in the society. There is no regard for the men around in her life in terms of the sexuality. Eric Carradine was one of the earliest suitors in of her. He wanted to build a casino, but the plans are laid to waste by the efforts of the Tardieu family, who are blocking the efforts to build the casino in town. The creation of all the characters is seen as a part of the natural progression of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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