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Name Date Women’s History: A Brief Overview One of the fundamental aspects of studying history is realizing the fact that different units of focus are represented as culture shifts and time goes on. For instance, if an individual seeks to understand the way in which colonialism had an impact upon colonized non-whites of the world, seeking to do so merely through a historical analysis and approach rooted in an understanding of pre-World War II viewpoints and theory would be a highly ineffective approach towards delineating this key research question…
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Essay 2- make a topic
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"2- make a topic"

Download file to see previous pages For purposes of this analytical research project, the author will discuss the way in which periods of women’s history have come to redefine gender roles and norms since the beginning of the 20th century. Accordingly, this student will present the reader with a greater level of understanding with regards to the impact that movements concerning egalitarianism, equality, liberty, self-determination, and eventually women’s suffrage had with respect to the way in which these determinants were eventually accepted by historians as a valuable means of determining the way in which past history had taken place and the inference that could be drawn from it. Firstly, it must be argued that merely because historians did not pay a close level of attention to the way in which women impacted history and their overall contributions to it, the reader should not come to the conclusion that these interpretations of history were correct. Rather, since the beginning of recorded history, and long before this time, women continue to represent fully half of the extent human population. As such, these women were vital stakeholders with respect to the way in which societies grew and cultural interpretations/legends/myths/religion were inferred and imparted to subsequent generations (Tharne 34). Accordingly, seeking to distance oneself from the fact that women only recently began to have an impact upon history and the means through which it is understood is and oversight of the most severe degree. Even though women within early modern and pre-modern society were most certainly constrained by a great litany of patriarchal norms, they nonetheless were able to have profound levels of impact with regards to the way in which these societies evolved and furthered themselves. Few historians argue that the past several hundred years have evidenced a rapid degree of change and growth with regards the way in which society is organized and integrated with other societies. Yet, it must not be understood that the change with regards to how women were viewed and how historians and scholars came to view their contributions to history was something of a watershed moment. Instead, the process was gradual; punctuated by key events throughout several decades. It is the ultimate premise an understanding of this author that the increased level of development, both technological and philosophical, is the main determinant for why women studies, the impact of women in history, and a general focus upon women’s roles and world affairs has shifted of late. Although it is difficult and somewhat dangerous to delineate a specific time in which this shift ultimately occurred, it must be noted that the core precursors to this happening can be found within the movements for equality, egalitarianism, and freedom that were exhibited around the globe; but came to a level of increased prominence in the early 20th century as a direct result of the zeitgeist of activism that permeated the political sphere at that time. This trend of female interjection into society and the way in which she issues of domestic and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essay 2- Make a Topic Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
“Essay 2- Make a Topic Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words”, n.d.
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Topic 2
..., S. (2002). Family structure and influence in decision making. Journal of Consumer marketing, Vol. 19(3): 25-67 Roz, P. (1998). Unifying marketing: The Marketing Process. Journal of Marketing Management, Vol. 27(5): 23-45 Sarah, T. (1997a). General introduction: Subculture. New York: Routledge Sarah, T. (1997b). Mediated and virtual Subcultures. New York: Routledge Uekeri, R. & Alker, W. (1990). Marketing interaction: Conceptual Framework and Empherical Evidence. Journal of Marketing Management, Vol. 20(2): 65-50. Weisner, T. (2002). Children development. Journal of Human Development, Vol. 45, pp 200-237 Willis, P. (1990). Common Marketing Culture. Open University...
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