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The Oppressive Legislature and the Actions of the British - Essay Example

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In the report, it is stated that the oppressive legislature and the actions of the British brought the colonies of America together against their common enemy. For the citizen in the states at the time, it was, very likely, an extremely difficult decision to make…
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The Oppressive Legislature and the Actions of the British
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Extract of sample "The Oppressive Legislature and the Actions of the British"

Choosing Sides
The oppressive legislature and the actions of the British brought the colonies of America together against their common enemy. For the citizen in the states at the time it was, very likely, an extremely difficult decision to make. Many American residents had strong loyalties and gained their status from England, to side against them might cost them that prized status. The wealthy were not the only ones with something to lose. A great number of loyalists were farmers and artisans, as well. But for certain groups the difficult decisions were harder than others.
Many members of the clergy were torn as to which side they should choose. In some parts of the country religion flourished, under the banner that God with the “Patriots” side. John Butler, a writer for the Department of the Interior, discussed that other churches and denominations suffered losses in attendance and, like the Anglicans, had to begin shutting their doors.1 The Quakers were by nature pacifists. They were opposed to any kind of acts of violent warfare. However, they entirely supported the colonists when they boycotted British goods. To the Quakers this was an acceptable form of non-violent, peaceful resistance. Some Quakers were accused of being loyalists but generally they considered themselves to not be a part of the revolution.
Minorities at the time faced difficult challenges, as well. African American slaves found themselves on both sides of the revolutionary war. Many fought on the side of the “Loyalists.” However, the reasons were most likely based on the fact that the British offered to free those slaves that abandoned their “Patriot” masters. Native Americans were, also, caught in a difficult position. The Native Americans were already focused on trying to save their homeland; they hardly wanted to be caught in between the British and the Americans. They aimed to remain
uninvolved in the warfare. However, eventually, the tribes were forced to make the choice. An article, in association The National Endowment of the Arts, explained that this ultimately ended with different tribes on different sides of a war that was not theirs.2
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Flame, "The Stories of the Revolution-Religion and the American Revolution." Last
modified Dec. 4 2008. Accessed June 30, 2012.
The National Endowment for the Humanities: EDSITEment!, "The Native Americans' Role in
the American Revolution: Choosing Sides." Last modified 2012. Accessed June 30, 2012. Read More
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