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This case study is about my placement as a student in my final year within a Youth Offending Team. This was the first case which I handled. It was the case of a young offender with ADHD. ADHD was a disease which was not alien to me as my own teenage son was also diagnosed with the condition and this affinity helped me understand his case even more. …
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Reflective Placement Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages This further helped inform my practice and the best interests of the client. The home was of poor standard with little furniture; it was untidy, and had a strong unclean smell. The family had four cats and a dog in their small flat; and a cat litter was in the front room beside the settee. In general, I noted that the client’s home was poorly maintained. During my supervision, I observed that client X was poorly dressed and poorly groomed. He had a poor attention span and was often hyperactive and aggressive in his actions. This is common among ADHD patients (Wender, 2000). He was also using drugs, mostly cannabis, and did not understand why these drugs were dangerous to him. The client was also irritable, especially in answering my questions and in generally dealing with me. He also expressed that he had trouble sleeping at night and could even go for days without any sleep at all. He was also impulsive in his actions and decisions, often acting on a whim even if it would put him in danger. These are all hallmarks of ADHD (Lougy and Rosenthal, 2002). I was involved in this case as it was the first case I encountered and I was also interested in handling it, being the mother of a teenage boy with ADHD. Gibbs Reflection Description (What happened) During my first interview with Client X and his parent, I introduced myself initially and explained what my role was as a student in his care. Although the client was already aware of the referral order process, I still made sure that he and his parent understood my role and my intended activity and relationship with them (BASW Code of Ethics). I also asked the client and his parent if there were any concerns they wanted to be addressed. I gathered all the data I possibly could on the...
In reviewing my actions, as well as the client’s response and behavior, I am confident in saying that I was effective in ensuring that the client would receive the social care and services that he needed in order to adequately deal with the ordeal and the incident. The client was cooperative and his parents also did their best to ensure that their son would benefit well under the social services available to them. I learned that I could be an effective social worker and that I found out the importance of applying legislative policies in order to protect the client as well as the social worker. Based on the incident, I would definitely be applying improvements and adjustments in my future career as a social worker. These adjustments would include a less emotionally involved feeling in relation to clients. I would adopt more objective actions and demeanor in order to be an effective social worker. I would also be more vigilant in reviewing a client’s history because these are all key points which would help me understand and assist my client. For future clients, I would also ensure that I would have read all available data about my client’s condition – physiological and psychological – in order to be more effective in identifying their needs and to be more effective in resolving and addressing these needs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflective Placement Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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