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Dautens Proposed Acquisition of Record Masters Medical Records Archiving Business - Case Study Example

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The main aspect that needs to be considered would be a reasonable amount that Dauten needs to pay off to the existing stakeholders of Record Masters (RM) that would be well within his budgeted estimates, and also a price that the present owners of RM would find irresistible…
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Dautens Proposed Acquisition of Record Masters Medical Records Archiving Business
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Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that the present prospective buyer, Dauten is an erstwhile general partner of the Chicago Private Equity Firm that goes by the name of Madison Dearson Partners and needs to delve deep into the financial aspects of whether this would be a worthy sponsorship. However, one of the major advantages of this buyout would be that he would be in a position to play a more active management role in this resurrected company of which he would perhaps, be the main functionary. This could be done through the Discounted Cash Flows method that, applying the assumed discount factor of 11%, would consider the present value of future cash flows. There are certain assumptions that need to be considered, the first being that Dauten would only be interested if the growth rates are maintained that is 40% annual growth rates are maintained. This is a conservative estimate keeping in view future fall in growth due to competitive and other reasons. As per the Excerpts from the Selling Memorandum, the “compound annual growth rate” is 49%.” Further, the outside debts owned by the present owners of RM would be reduced in arriving at the final purchase consideration. We shall consider the projection for the next four years to arrive at the purchase consideration. The next step would be to reduce the outside debts acquired by Record Masters from the total purchase consideration. Thus, the final purchase consideration which would have to be paid by the acquirer, Dauten, would be reduced by the outside debt of $ 99410, which is the current portion of long-term debts. Now that Dauten has taken a decision to invest $ 8 million into Record Masters; he needs to arrange for funds for the proposed buyouts and also for future payments against the interest on loans taken to finance this scheme. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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