Why will the electronic medical record help health care organizations - Thesis Proposal Example

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Research Proposal Abstract The researcher intends to carry out a qualitative research on the Obama’s healthcare plan while focusing on its mandate of electronic medical record. …
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Why will the electronic medical record help health care organizations
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Download file to see previous pages The proposal includes brief literature review relating different existing perspectives on such mandate of Obama’s healthcare plan. The researcher will be utilizing secondary research methodology as basis of the proposed research while benefiting from primary research method to validate analysis of secondary method. It is anticipation of the researcher to complete the study in a period of nineteen weeks. Research Proposal Aims & Objectives The main aims and objectives of the proposed research are to: Recognize and analyze Obama’s health care plan in terms of its mandate of electronic medical record in the country Analyze the extent of such mandate in health care organizations and whether such changes will result in alteration in healthcare-related decisions or not Analyze and predict the social changes in public’s decision-making processes that will occur after implementation of such mandate in the country Analyze the role of healthcare organizations in terms of implementation and application of electronic medical record mandate nationally. ...
President Obama has proposed this mandate of electronic medical record; however, it is very imperative to identify its pros and cons that will allow a decision in favor or against the mandate. Literature Review Brief analysis of the literature (Lehmann, 56-63) has indicated that the recent announcement by Obama’s presidency to set up full digital health records by 2014 has become big news worldwide. There are many aspects, which can come under discussion pertaining to this issue. First, it is important to analyze whether it is possible to invest a huge amount of $10 billion into a healthcare initiative and whether the goal is even realistic enough. To dive deeper into this issue, one big problem with this is getting hold of ample IT professionals to carry out the plan. USA is already short of IT health professionals, which is evident by unfilled vacancies for EMR professionals for months. On the other hand, there are speculations that this new investment by the government will also open a huge space of job vacancies for the unemployed in the realm of healthcare IT. Experts (Lehmann, 70-89) have indicated that many citizens who are in the field or wish to pursue it can see themselves having a bright future in the next five years. However, the issue persists and that is the supply of work force. What is more difficult is rather to train blue-collar workers or under-employed to run and manage the electronic medical record. The reason is that it is extremely difficult to teach someone, especially someone with no or little background in IT in general. What this job requires is an exclusive combination of IT expertise, health care sensibilities, and business sense of mind. A good reality check will be the example of Massachusetts ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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