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The development of education in Qatar throughout the last 10 years - Term Paper Example

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It has vast oil resources and large amounts of natural gas reserves which account for the undeniable wealth that this country possesses. And although it is a small country in the aspect of size and…
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The development of education in Qatar throughout the last 10 years
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Extract of sample "The development of education in Qatar throughout the last 10 years"

Download file to see previous pages It must be realized that for the economy to flourish, these private sector companies must also be majorly occupied by the national residents of Qatar. It is argued that the previous educational system of Qatar, although well-structured and developed, did not produce competent enough individuals that can rise to the challenge and be the driving force for such private industries.
With so much conflict in the Middle East, it is educational to see how countries like Qatar have managed to cope with the challenge of development amidst these adversities. The leadership in the Arabian Gulf nation of Qatar played a big contribution in giving focus to the educational department believing that it is the key to their economic and social progress (Brewer et al., 2007). It has been observed that in the past their educational system has not produced very good outcomes and their approach was very rigid, outdated and even obsolete to try and compete for world-class quality of education. It was believed that their education must also be on a par with their initiatives for social and economic changes that will catapult them into global competency.
During the past years, the Qatar education has taken major reforms in order to augment their outdated system. With the modernization of society and the emergence of the expanding role of women, they have focused on giving larger roles and involvement to them, which was traditionally and historically avoided. They have also opened and developed satellite universities involving top educational institutions with high repute in the world-class quality of education. But a country like Qatar is very traditionalist and it is important to observe how they managed to implement drastic and decisive changes to their traditionally rigid form of doing things.
Qatar has a unique status in the world’s economy because of its vast energy resources and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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