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REPORT ON HIGHER EDUCATION IN QATAR (Part in green2) - Research Paper Example

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Opportunities for Higher Education Provider NAME: AFFILIATION: UNIVERSITY: Opportunities for Higher Education Providers Barriers and Challenges faced by Higher Education Sector In order to achieve top quality standards for Higher Education, Supreme Education Council along with Qatar Foundation, Ministry of Education and other leading institutions in country are designing policies that will help them in overcoming the barriers and challenges that are hampering the required progression of this sector…
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Download file to see previous pages One major challenge that is hindering the progress of Higher Education Sector is less number of male students and increasing dropout rate of students at the secondary education level (ElGahnem, 2012). The declining number of male students in higher education is because of their responsibility of supporting their family and they easily get attracted to jobs that require fewer skills. Most of the students lack vision about their future studies and are reluctant to explore new areas of studies; recently, the demand of graduates in healthcare, research and technological fields has increased and each one offers attractive career opportunities for graduates who acquire education in these fields. In Qatar, there are less opportunities for students as institutions offering these programs are new ones and attracting students is a bit difficult for them (Khodr, 2011). Initiatives taken for promoting Higher Education and Role of Overseas Universities In order to help students in gaining access to top ranked universities, public and private organizations are taking huge measures. All concerned authorities are working together to tackle challenges being faced by Higher Education sector so that they can provide right guidance to the future workforce of the country (Sawahel, 2012). Qatar’s government has observed that students are unable to get qualified for admissions in leading universities because they lack the skills and intellectual capabilities as the education system of the country does not match the standards set by international bodies. Qatar National Vision 2030 has been launched in November 2008 with the aim of providing support to the education system of the country. In the report, all initiatives that have been taken and those that will be implemented are provided with complete details (UNDP, 2012). The foremost initiative taken is development of Supreme Education Council which is responsible for designing and implementation of policies for promotion education at all levels especially higher education so that the workforce is compatible to meet demands of country’s economy. Secondly, social mediums are being used by Qatar Foundation and Ministry of Education to create awareness about various career opportunities existing for the students along with attracting students to get enrolled in such programs. Incentives are being offered to students so that they are encouraged to acquire higher education such as study abroad on scholarship and getting enrolled in part-time education program along with work (Khodr, 2011). In order to provide directions related to vocational and technical education to students who cannot meet university’s admission criteria, they are offered the opportunity of getting enrolled in Diploma courses being offered by Qatar Founda ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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