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REPORT ON HIGHER EDUCATION IN QATAR4 (Part in green) - Research Paper Example

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For institutions: the location, academic strength, student numbers, accredited courses, distance learning programmes, year established and an institution profile. Details of any existing collaborative arrangements or partnerships with other international institutions either at…
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Extract of sample "REPORT ON HIGHER EDUCATION IN QATAR4 (Part in green)"

Download file to see previous pages tion which comprise of schools, second is known as secondary education level which includes all colleges in country and top level is higher education that is known as tertiary education in which universities are placed. The Council was founded by Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani along with his wife, SheikhaMozahbintNaseer Al-Missnad. All education related matters are handled by this Council and has even directing and controlling power to make decision from primary level to higher education level. It recently initiated Education for a New Era Reform with the aim of restructuring education system of the country (Supreme Education Council, 2012).
However, education controlling power is shared in between Supreme Education Council and Ministry of Education; since funding to the Ministry is reduced to a greater extent, majority of schools, colleges and universities are under the control of the Council. The main aim of this Council is to offer its assistance to citizens so that they are encouraged and motivated to acquire higher education. Similarly, private institutions and foreign universities are being attracted to increase education level and offer varying degrees of programs to students that are compatible with job demands in the market (Coughlan, 2012).
It has been given complete responsibility for designing of educational polices and also oversee its reforms; the Evaluation Institute has power of undertaking student assessment on periodical basis to provide details about performance of schools and the Education Institute assists in development of Independent Schools that are new and design curriculum standards that enhance education quality. In order to have access to information about the Council, the most effective way is to either call on their telephone lines, post a letter on P. O Box 35111, Doha, Qatar, Communication Office, Phone:  Hot line 155 - 44044564 - 44044567- 44044371 - 4044370, fax on their number 44044571 - 44044572 or email to concerned ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(REPORT ON HIGHER EDUCATION IN QATAR4 (Part in Green) Research Paper)
REPORT ON HIGHER EDUCATION IN QATAR4 (Part in Green) Research Paper.
“REPORT ON HIGHER EDUCATION IN QATAR4 (Part in Green) Research Paper”, n.d.
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